Tucked in an industrial haven of the Kitsilano neighbourhood lies Beaumont Studios: A shaded platform filled with dreamy palettes from floors reminiscent of tiger iron, rich wooden pillars to the canvas like walls- the venue just begs to be painted by artists.

Hunt and Gather Collective, a wedding styling company headlined by duo Heather March and Julia Hoover, had completely dazzled the space with the very representation of their brand. Cascading ferns strung overhead a long row of tables, framed by mismatched vintage chairs. A mural of flowers lined a wall a sliver of gold light, with a decorated altar of branches and ivy. Candlelight brought an intimate dim into the room- revealing a canopy of warm fabric, a woven tipi and eclectic wall accents. With industrial silhouettes kissed with a touch of vintage charm, the room had been fully realized straight from the journal pages of our eclectic, chic, and bohemian bride. From March’s lush green touch to Hoover’s romantic vintage style, the ladies had collaborated to create a dream making opportunity for brides in the form of a wedding stylist brand.

To kick off a launch event, Hunt and Gather Collective invited a wide array of guests into their wonderland. With a blackberry rum cocktail in hand from an airstream bar affectionately named Tin Can, the room opened into a romantic haven with whispers of delicate acoustics from their DJ. The room began to fill. It was the same scene as each guest walked into the room: eyes brightened into a slight surprise, followed by a pleased smile as they took in the details of the space. A hand soon reached into every bag, pulling a camera into angles to capture a picturesque memory that will find its way into inspiration books and Instagram.

A collaborated effort by Wolfpack Collective, industry partners who work alongside Hunt and Gather Collective, the contributions range from each partner who created Hunt and Gather’s vintage affair. It is perhaps; however, Chef Juno Kim who shone brilliantly as he presented a west coast inspired two-course dinner for all the excited vendors. With a refreshing beet and goat cheese salad, seasonal vegetables and a delicious tenderloin, the meal consisted of down to earth elements from its family style servings and communal sharing with all the ladies at the tables.

With endless wine and a sense of reunion among various vendors, the night continued on to a sweet note as all the guests interacted, excitedly catching up and meeting one another. The night closed off in a way only described as bittersweet. Yet- it wasn’t the end. The morning brought on a Hunt & Gather presented event, inviting all the guests back to spectate upon Union Bridal bridal designs.

The fashion show held elements of the night before- candlelit corners and romantic accents and canopies. Three segments of bridal dresses were presented:

The Boho Bride: Eclectic, not afraid to change up the rules and go her own way

The Modern Bride: Fashion forward, ultimate non conformist. A minimalist, a progressive forward who looks straight to runway influences without the limits of tradition

The Classic Bride: A sophisticate; tradition holds a special place in her heart. A timeless piece is a value to her- she is elegant yet understated.

The ladies stepped down across the floor, bridal train trailing behind their feet. The showcase presented itself elegantly and memorably. We walked away with a goodie bag in hand and a camera roll worth of pictures and inspiration. With the collaborative effort of Hunt and Gather Collective, Union Bridal and the Wolf Pack, a two day event had become a charming experience filled with romance and fun.

By Chrissie 

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