The details are usually what make weddings stand out. Sometimes it is the details that make them beautiful beyond measure. It is in the small things that truly make them unforgettable so regardless if you love vintage or you just want a timeless vintage chic wedding, adding these details will sure make your wedding truly beautiful.

Choose a venue that can be styled on your own or find one that exudes the vintage feel. Antique details, lace, and weathered accents are the main pillars of a vintage wedding so having these details added to your venue can amp up the vintage look.

Go for a vintage themed invitation to set the mood.

The wedding invitation serves as a peek or a sample of what the guests should expect on the big day. By adding vintage details, the guests will already have an idea of what is to come. Use one of the colors that you have chose for your big day as the highlight color for the invitations to create a uniformed look.

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Ask your florist what the best flowers are for a vintage and timeless classic look.

Let your bouquet speak about your love for vintage and let your florist help you with creating the best bouquet. Go for blush pink roses, hydrangeas, and dusty miller or wildflowers, craspedia billy balls, and plenty of loose baby’s breath for a charming look.

Image from Deer Pearl Flowers

Nothing says vintage like a live band does.

Forego the DJ and all that new techno music and kick it old school so even after the ceremony, the theme still lives on. You can also opt to welcome your guests to the reception with a live brass band for a few hours and then switch with a DJ afterwards for the after party. These will all depend on your budget of course but a live band is always recommended for vintage themed weddings.

Image from Clark & Kelly

The centerpieces at the reception are a wonderful detail to remember for keeping the vintage theme alive.

A candelabra or a birdcage filled with flowers is a great addition to the tables and will make it seem much more elegant. You can always ask your caterers if they can provide this for you. Adding mismatched teacups with various fun patterns is a nice addition to your vintage wedding décor. You can opt to have teacups for a reception that will be held in the afternoon or for a tea party kind of celebration.

Image from Style Me Pretty

Don’t forget to add string lights.

Not only will they look beautiful inside the venue but also outside where they can be hung from the roof or on trees to create a romantic ambiance in the area. They are also very pretty to look at and make for great accessories for the photos. A nice warm light is the perfect addition to a classic and romantic wedding not to mention that string lights will also serve as additional lighting during your wedding ceremony.

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By Ady Banico

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