The last hoorah and a send-off for the soon-to-be bride is one of the most exciting things about having a great set of entourage. There are plenty of great ideas for an unforgettable bachelorette party but if you and your friends are not in the mood to hit the club, then you can still definitely have fun. Here are some bachelorette party ideas that are better than hitting the club.

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If the group is looking for a way to relax before the big day then sign up for a yoga retreat. Pack your yoga mats and sports bras to get ready for a weekend of fun. There are various yoga retreats around the country and outside as well. Find the perfect spot for the whole group: it can be by the beach, by the forest, or even in a quiet sanctuary within the city. Regardless if you are a certified yogi or someone who is just starting to know about the different positions, this is a great way to celebrate your friend’s wedding.

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Pole Dancing

Try something new such as pole dancing. Not only can this help you with your flexibility and core strength but it is also fun to learn some new moves. Pole dancing classes are offered all throughout the year and some studios even offer to teach a whole routine for a group. Learn a sexy dance routine with your girls and maybe even give a surprise performance during the wedding. It does not matter if you have two left feet as long as you all are having a great time.

The Beach and Camping

Hit the beach and go camping. For the more adventurous types, this is a great way to get out of the city and just enjoy nature, maybe even get a tan before the big day. If you and your friends have always had great memories by the beach, then why not create some more before the big day. Bachelorette parties don’t always have to be at clubs. Find a place that is significant to the bride-to-be and incorporate that with the planning of the bachelorette party.

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Hiking is another outdoor option for the more adventurous types or for those who just want to try something new. Get out and explore nature, appreciate it for what it is and the whole group will have something that they will never forget. Do not take yourselves too seriously and just enjoy the experience. Laugh at each other and make hiking a trip that will be talked about for days.

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You can hire your own limousine and still have that party that you want but with privacy. There is nothing more fun than feeling luxurious for a night. Dress up and look glam with your gal pals, roam the city in your limousine, and dance the night away without a care in the world. There will be champagne and pizza for sure to make the night just so much better. Dance the night away and take lots of photos for it will be a night to remember.

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By Ady Banico