Flowers are one of the highlights of any wedding. Any well-curated bouquets can add to the beauty and overall feel of the wedding. One of the best ways to cut your budget for your wedding is to purchase flowers that are in season. There are many ways to decorate them and make them become a beautiful addition to your wedding. Here are some of the best flowers for weddings and when they are in season.


Spring is such a wonderful season to get married. Not only is the weather perfect but it is also the season for many top wedding flower choices. Spring brides must rejoice for they have various choices and can also expect beautifully bloomed flowers. Peonies are one of the all time favorites for weddings and it is easy to see why. With the right soft colors and textures, peonies make a great compliment to any pastel themed weddings.

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Roses are a classic choice and it is obvious why. This is the symbol of love and beauty. The rose also has been incorporated in many stories and myths throughout the ages. A rose can easily be used as a bouquet, a boutonnière, and even a centerpiece. Spring weddings are lucky for it is the best season for this flower. There are also various colors to choose from. Specific colors might be more expensive than the red and white ones so you can opt to only use them for special purposes such as the bouquet or the groom’s boutonnière.

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Lily of the Valley is still one of the most gorgeous flowers for any wedding. Not only are they delicate and smell fantastic, but also the beauty is in its simplicity. Springtime is when they are most affordable as this is their season but they are pretty expensive all throughout the rest of the year.

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Tulips with their bright and crisp colors are perfect for most weddings as they are available all throughout the year. Colors include cream, pink, purple, and red. Tulips of these colors are affordable and can be bought in bulk if you want to use it as accent pieces. Variants of tulips with various colors are more expensive but will definitely look lovely once they have been arranged.

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Calla Lily is a great choice for winter weddings especially for centerpieces. This flower has long stems with a large head, which makes it perfect for almost every kind of flower arrangement you want. Colors such as yellow, light pink, orange, red, and dark burgundy are some of the available shades for this flower.

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Image from Style Me Pretty


Cornflowers are perfect for weddings during the early fall season. This is an inexpensive choice for those who are trying to limit their spending for their wedding or for a more casual type of wedding. Although affordable, this flower looks classy and beautiful. It is perfect as a bouquet or as a centerpiece. Once it has been arranged, the beauty of this flower really stands out. You can find in shades of white, blue, and pink.

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