Europe is one of the most popular places when it comes to destination weddings but Asia has undoubtedly the most gorgeous spots for a truly memorable wedding. The beaches, scenic backdrops, and great weather are only some of the things that you should look forward to if you have Asia as a wedding spot in mind. Here are some of the best wedding spots in Asia for your big day.

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Palawan, Philippines

Palawan in the Philippines is not underrated. Forget the Bahamas and the Pacific for this island in Asia can make just about any wedding magical and for a fraction of the price. The crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and jaw dropping limestone formations are perfect for outdoors and beach lovers. You can ask your guests to come in their comfiest wedding attire to complete the atmosphere. Serve the freshest seafood and delicious fruits that are native to the Philippines, which will help you with staying within the budget as these can be bought for a pretty cheap price. The sunset is also fantastic and will make your wedding so much more lovely and unforgettable.

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Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia might be known for the party scenes but there are plenty of hidden gems in this area. Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali is perfect for an outdoor wedding. If you want to be able to embrace the Balinese culture through the food, surroundings, and the natural beauty then this is just the right spot for your wedding. It is advised to have your wedding in the afternoon just before the sun sets so that you get to have the complete scenic view plus the golden and pink hues of the skies. This is perfect for photo opportunities and of course for wow-ing all your guests.

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Pangkor, Malaysia

Pangkor, Malaysia is one of the spots in Asia that you should have visited long ago because you are missing out. It has entranced everyone who has visited and this place will surely leave you wanting to stay. The Pangkor Laut Resort is one of the most prestige resorts in Pangkor they can take care of you and your guests during the big day. This place sure knows a thing or two about setting up a wedding and transitioning into party mode after the ceremonies. There is no other place that can offer you comfort and service the way that Pangkor Laut can.

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For those who want an alternative to outdoor and beach weddings, the Botanic Garden and the National Gallery in Singapore are great choices. The rustic charm of these places creates such a beautiful contrast to the otherwise building filled cities of Singapore. Get a chance to have your big day at one of the best countries to visit in Asia and incorporate the history of the country as well. There is nothing that you cannot find in Singapore as everything is practically here, which makes the wedding planning and everything else in between so much easier to do and find. There are also great food choices that will leave you and your partner completely full and happy.

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