Europe is undeniable one of the most popular destinations in the world for a wedding. With everything that it has to offer include scenic views, romantic places, and delicious food, there is no reason why you should not have your wedding here. It also doubles as a honeymoon spot that you and your partner will both enjoy. Here are some of the best wedding spots in Europe.

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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast might be known as one of the top honeymoon destinations but it is also the perfect place for a romantic wedding. It is simply just breathtaking and overall gorgeous no matter where you look so it is perfect for the wedding photos. You do not even have to try, as Amalfi Coast will do all the work for you. The weather is perfect all throughout the year without the sun being too much so it is perfect for a wedding anytime of the year. Being in Italy, you can expect delicious food and top of the line wine that will wow your guests including you and your partner. Amalfi Coast is not as expensive as you would think it would be so there should be no panicking when it comes to going over the budget. Italians take such pride when it comes to their service and hospitality so expect everything to go well when you plan to have your wedding here.

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A picture perfect wedding that can only be found in magazines is not as hard to come by. Travel to Santorini, Greece to have your very own dream wedding come to life. The whitewashed houses on a hilltop will be an amazing backdrop for all of your photos paired with the crystal clear waters and blue skies. The people are one of the reasons why this place is very much loved so expect that you will be taken care of when you come to Santorini to tie the knot. Delicious Greek food can be served for your reception and party as the Greeks do for an unforgettable wedding that everyone will be talking for the years to come.

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If you are after a Mediterranean weather, gorgeous architecture, and fantastic scenery then Malta is where you should have your wedding. Not only can you expect good natural lighting all throughout the year but also there are various wonderful sceneries that you can choose from for that perfect wedding photo. It will sure be the envy of many. The choices for ceremony and reception options are plenty so regardless what your theme is, you sure will find a spot for your wedding. Villa Bologna is the go-to venue if you are planning on having a more laid back garden wedding. The Hola Beach Club is the venue for couples that want an outdoor beach wedding with all the modern amenities. It also offers a spot for those that want a more relaxed atmosphere for their big day. Malta has English as one of its main languages so no need to worry about language barrier.


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