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Who does not want their wedding to go as smoothly as possible? Of course, it is everyone. Yet, sometimes there are unforeseeable emergencies that even the most thorough bride cannot prepare for. In wishing that all emergencies be straightened out as soon as possible, remember these emergency kits that you should prepare for. Just in case anything goes wrong, here are the bridal emergency kits you need to have for your wedding.

First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit or a medical kit is always helpful to have. Make sure there are sanitary pads or tampons, cotton, cotton buds, pain reliever, band-aids, gauze, and sanitizer. You can add in other items that you can find in a first-aid kit just to be extra sure. It will give you a better sense of readiness in case anything happens. The types of medical accidents can happen anytime. It is best to be prepared at all times. Simple items such as cotton and sanitizer can help during minor medical accidents.

Beauty Kit

A beauty kit is one of the best types of emergency kit that you can have during a wedding. Having all the beauty items in one pack can save you time and will help you feel ready for any beauty emergency you might need. Make sure you include hairpins, cotton buds, make up remover, wet wipes, tissue, oil film, and a small retouch powder. It is best to have all these in travel sizes so that they are easier to carry and can fit in almost any bag. This is the most needed emergency kit especially during the photo taking part. Have your retouch powder ready and an oil film so that you and the rest of your entourage still look fresh for the photos.

Wardrobe Kit

An emergency wardrobe kit should be ready in case any of the bridal entourage experiences an outfit conundrum. Make sure you pack buttons, needles, sewing thread of various colors, fashion tape, safety pins, and a small pair of scissors. You never know who can have a fashion emergency at anytime and hopefully it will not be the bride. But in case anything comes up, it is always better to have something ready for a fashion emergency. The wardrobe and the dresses are a huge part of any wedding. With all the different outfits being showcased during a wedding, it is only smart to have a wardrobe kit ready for anything that can happen during the ceremony and after.

Have all these kits ready before your wedding day or even during the wedding rehearsal and you will be the best bride of the year. Weddings can be full of stress but yours does not have to be. By having these kits prepared, you are making sure that you position yourself one step ahead the emergencies. A simple hairpin or a band-aid can go a long way for anyone who really needs it. Have all these kits in one bag ready to be accessed in case there is a need for it. Assign one or two bridesmaids to take care of the emergency bag and have it nearby.


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