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We all get to a point in our lives where our childhood friends, highschool classmates, college roommates, and relatives, invite us to their wedding. A day we didn’t think would come so soon, yet here we are, opening maybe an extragavant or simple invite to the aforementioned event. Now some invitations may include a registry, some may not. Even then, ultimately, the choice is still up to the guest. You sit back and look at the invitation, and after the initial excitement, you think to yourself: “what am I going to get them?”

Take into consideration your role in the wedding first. Were you invited as part of the entourage, or just as a guest? If you’re a part of the few chosen to grace the wedding as an entourage, I would think besides the token wedding gift that you may or may not be required to give them (depending on the bride and groom’s perogative) – such as furniture, appliances, silverware, etc. – you should prepare something special, maybe a framed photograph of you and the bride or groom as children, or something nostalgic to represent your friendship and relationship to the couple.

Choosing what to give a newly married couple is one of the most difficult parts of going to a wedding as every couple is different, so you have to think carefully about what you’re going to get them. Keep in mind that the bride and groom are going to start a new life together, likely to find a new place to build a family.

You could get something practical, like kitchenware. They’ll be setting up a new kitchen so giving small appliances or tea sets would be a big help. If you’re willing to shell out a bit more, you could get them a microwave, coffee maker, or oven toaster (these can range from $50 to a couple hundred dollars).

Another practical gift would be a tool set – we all know how husbands love to tinker! If any appliance needs fixing, he’ll go into his trusty toolbox and fix that right up, all thanks to you!

Furniture and decor are also very important things to consider. A nice centerpiece for a table, a decorative lamp, maybe even a bookshelf would be the highlight of their rooms! You can find elegant wall stickers in hardware stores that they can use on a blank wall instead of having to get wallpaper. A nice clock would also be very practical – whether it’s a wall clock, a decorative clock, or an alarm clock – each and every couple have varying taste. Whether it’s classical or roman, clocks have a wide variety of choices.

You can add a personal touch to your wedding present, too. Have it customized with their last name, or add a cute “Mr. and Mrs.” to your gift. Digital picture frames seem to be quite popular nowadays, since less and less people use printed out photos.

If you’re still unsure of what to give the newlyweds, you can never go wrong with money! It could help them out with wedding expenses, or simply send them off to married bliss! Now THAT is surely something they’d appreciate!

By Ady Banico

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