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Every bride and every groom needs a specific set of people they can truly trust to have on their side on their very special day. Whether they’re your friends or your family, choose wisely. Who can be there for you? Who has already been there for you? When things get thick, who can you turn to? But also take in consideration who you’d like standing up at the altar with you. Who of your loved ones deserves to be a part of your special day?


The usual choices would be childhood friends, college roommates, colleagues, maybe some family members. Two or three groomsmen are usually enough but some go as many as six or as intimate as one groomsman. Groomsmen are usually there to partake in the festivities and take care of the groom during the Bachelor’s Party. They’re also there to help set up or clean up before and after the ceremony and the reception. Your groomsmen have by far the role with the least responsibilities but with the most to gain out of being in the wedding party. They’re basically there to party before, during and after the party!

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Sorority sisters, some friends from work, maybe long-time neighbors from the block or cousins would be a good set of people to choose from. The bridesmaids won’t be having it as easy as the groomsmen, believe me. Being on the bride’s entourage is totally different from being from the groom’s. They will be designated a set of jobs to do as a team. Most likely the bride is running the show and what she says goes. Bridesmaids, unlike groomsmen, are not just here to party, they’re here to help anywhere they’re needed – on the day itself or maybe even before then.

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Best Man

The best-man goes a notch above the groomsmen in terms of obligations they would have to live up to. Yes, they’re also here to party. No doubt there, who doesn’t love a best-man? But as far as the Bachelor Party goes, they’re not only there to take care of the groom but to make sure he doesn’t cause any irreparable damage to himself or his wife-to-be before the most special day of their lives. Your best-man has to be someone who can talk you out of having cold feet and make sure you do everything on your part to live up to be the best groom and husband you can be to your blushing bride. Therefore, choosing your best-man means choosing someone who’s been consistently present in your life and can makes sure you are being the ”best man” you can be.

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Maid Of Honor

This I can speak of based on experience. Trust me, it can get crazy. From day one it’s all you, especially at weddings with no planners, until the night is long over. Sending out RSVPs, picking out dresses, picking up dresses, coordinating table arrangements with the food orders, wrapping giveaways, even helping the bride with her vows; yes, these are just some of what’s expected of a maid of honor. Between her saying ‘yes’ to well after they say ‘I do’ anything and everything that could go wrong or anything that needs predetermination, will need your participation. A maid of honor needs to be someone who would never let you down, someone who’s proven themselves to you through the years, someone who deserves to stand next you up at that altar is someone who helped put this wedding together. Your best-friend, regardless whether she’s a blood relative like a sister or a cousin, your maid of honor has to be someone who knows you best and is there for you the most. You’re going to need solidarity in your entourage, only the most honorable can bring that out in your team, and it starts with your Maid Of Honor.

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By Ady Banico

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