Finding the right color palette for your wedding will play a huge role in how everything turns out. How things will look and how the decorations will go with the venue can be dictated by the color palette. The overall atmosphere of the wedding is also greatly affected by the color palette. Rustic themed weddings are one of the popular themes nowadays and it can also be hard to find the right color scheme for this type of wedding. By choosing a few key colors, finding the right color scheme does not have to be difficult. Here are some of the color schemes for a rustic wedding.

Modern Rustic

If you are after bold and modern looks for your rustic wedding then consider light purple, wine red, moss green, and light green for your color palette. These colors compliment each other well especially the greens that give off the rustic vibes but the deep wine red and purple shades stand out against the more muted tones. You can have your bridesmaids wear the deeper colored dresses and have flowers in those shades as well for consistency.

Image from Rowan Magazine Wedding

Light and Feminine

The light and feminine look for rustic weddings can be achieved through a baby pink, light green, and neutral brown color palette. Have your venue somewhere that is mostly light brown or wooden brown in color. The greeneries are perfect as your centerpieces. The entourage can wear baby pink dresses for that feminine touch. Everything looks clean, crisp, and light without being too underdone.

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Fresh and Unique

For a more unique color palette, keep the light green and light pink shades but throw in some light gray and deep blue. The light gray and deep blue colors can be worn by the entourage while the greens and the pinks can be used for flowers and as centerpieces. Everything in the venue should look fresh and neat with the light pink and light green shades. The deeper colors will make the entourage stand out and will also make for good pictures.

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Neutral Classic

You cannot go wrong with the neutral and classic color palette, which consists of white, light pink, light yellow, and light green. Make sure there are plenty of greeneries and plants in the venue. You can inject in some colors with yellow, light pink, and white flowers. The entourage can wear either the light pink or light yellow shades for consistency. The bride’s bouquet should also have some pink and yellow flowers in it.

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Pristine Elegance

Light browns and neutral colors with some shades of pink and green is also a wonderful color palette especially for weddings that will be held outdoors. The contrast of the neutral shades against the bright green surroundings is so pristine and elegant in its own way that it will sure be the envy of others. Make use of your venue when taking photos and find spots that are filled with green plants or grass to make the neutral shades stand out especially when worn by the entourage. The bride’s bouquet should have some white, pink, green, and yellow flowers that are pastel in color for that heavenly color combination

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By Ady Banico

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