Fixing the seating arrangements at your wedding could potentially be one of the most grueling parts of planning it. You would have to take a lot of factors into consideration, like who your guests are, who they might get along with, and who they would not get along with, to name a few- to put it simply, seating arrangement is definitely the time and place segregation is most welcome to come into play.

There are simple seating arrangements for those who want to stick with the classic wedding vibe.

We have the Conference rond table, Conference “U” shaped, and Director’s table that give off a very corporate vibe, The Workshop, Theater, and Classroom style, and the Banquet styles.

“U” Shaped

Here’s a sample of how the Conference “U” Styled tables with a Rustic touch can turn out:

Image from Strictly Weddings

It would go without saying that this set-up is reserved for more intimate gatherings. A small reception of up to maybe fifty or maybe even a tighter-spaced one hundred. The Conference “U” leaves no space for the bashful therefore leading me to think that this would an ideal set-up for the extroverted couple with the more exrtoverted friends and family. In my opinion, dress your Conference “U” with lighter colors to give off more spacious vibes; it is easy to dim this set-up down by drabbing it up with darker colors. Keep it simple, just like this simple and intimate set-up.

“Round Table”

You could also go for a more creative take on the standard “Round Table” seating arrangements by simply adding a dance floor smacked in the middle of it all. As do most wedding receptions are in need of including a dance floor so this set-up would not be unheard of; the tables would ideally be arranged where guests would have an easier time getting there:

Image from Elements of Style
Image from Tahoe Engaged

More space for the guests and more space for all the debauchery to ensue. The Round Table set-up with an added dance floor would need a setting that would have no problem with space. Still dependent on the number of guests you do plan on catering to it would be best to take that final number into consideration before going for a more wide-spread arrangement.


What you see here is a ‘spin’ on the classic Banquet Style. As you can see this set-up is more cohesive than most. Retaining all of classical tradition but adding your own special innovative twist. What matters most here is location, location, location. The more spacious – the better. You wouldn’t want your guests to gush about your chic arrangement only to whine about the lack of space thereafter:

Image from Style Me Pretty
Image from Amy&Jordan

If you do opt for a more minamalist wedding maybe this isn’t the best choice for you.The only thing worse than having no space at all is having too much! Just enough room for your guests to pull their chairs back without worrying about bumping into other guests and enough for the bride and groom to go in between tables to check on their guests or take photo-ops. Not too much not too little, just like your beautiful arrangement.

Whatever you do decide on remember to put your own unique touches with every choice you make. You may think the biggest part of planning a wedding comes with just the ceremony itself. You are in for a shock when you find out just how much thought and consideration goes into planning the reception. Good luck!


By Ady Banico

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