When all the busyness of your wedding hits you, it is always good to have the right people around. Choosing the right team of people to surround you is important to have everything going smoothly during the big day. Do not forget that amidst all the planning, the groom is also doing his best to look good for you. Bring him into the planning of the wedding and have him updated on everything so that he can choose his look accordingly. You can also help him find the best tailors or the best suit for the big day. From the shirt, the shoes, and even the cufflinks your man deserves to look his best. It is also his big day that the two of you will share. Here are some ideas that will be perfect for your groom.


The Classic look is the one that most grooms go for. It is the perfect look for any wedding especially those that are leaning on the classic romantic theme. Colors such as gray, black, and dark blue are some of the top picks for classic suits. Choose the color that will go well with the skin tone of the groom and will flawlessly match the theme of the wedding. Make sure that everything fits perfectly. It makes all the difference how the suit fits and it cradles between looking dashing and looking drab. No matter how expensive the suit is if it does not fit well then it will not serve its purpose. A bowtie or a long tie can both go well with a well-tailored suit depending on the groom’s personality and choice.

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Cultural or Traditional

Mixing cultural and traditional looks for a wedding is a good way to honor one’s heritage. There are typically traditional wear for grooms. This can be a great look for the big day especially if the family of the groom is sentimental about these things. The location of the wedding can also highlight the look of the groom if he chooses to go for a complete traditional look. Do make sure that if possible choose colors that go with the theme of the wedding. The couple can also decided to base the theme on the look of the groom. Grooms can opt to wear full traditional get-up or have parts of it incorporated into his attire for the day.

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If your groom has a loud and fantastic personality then perhaps you can let him wear a suit that translates that. Being creative with the suit is definitely one of the ways to be remembered during your wedding night. A checkered suit with bright colors may seem too much at the start but only the right guy can pull it off. Incorporate bright colors into the look and let the groom’s personality shine through his choice of wear during his big day. Something artsy and out of the box will not only look amazing on photos but in real life as well. Brides are always told to have fun during their wedding and the same should be said to the groom.

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By Ady Banico

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