Everyone can agree that planning a wedding is not exactly cheap. Even if you set a budget for the big day, the expenses can still be somewhat overwhelming. The good thing about it is that there are different ways to save up and cut the costs for your wedding. Food is perhaps one of the most expensive parts of a wedding especially with a big guest list. Through being creative and finding alternatives, your wedding can still be as fun without spending too much. Here are some of the best food alternatives to hiring caterers.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are not only going to cut your expenses in half but it is also a chic way to feed your guests. Outdoor weddings with a more laid-back style can benefit greatly from food trucks. Hire one or two of your favorite food trucks and have the guests come up when they are hungry. Think of comfort food that you want to share with your guests and let them mingle with one another. Couples who opt for food trucks know what kind of good food they want.

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Serve Your Favorite Food

Instead of having caterers during your wedding, serve your favorite food instead and have the guests come up to the table. This will help you avoid any wastage when it comes to the food serving and the guests can choose exactly the food that they want. Serve some of your favorite snacks such as taco or pizza that are filling too without being too expensive. This adds a personal touch to your wedding and you can use the budget for something else. Choose something that is easy to eat and is not messy so as not to make it hard for the guests to choose the food.

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Grazing Board

A grazing board or table is a wonderful alternative to hiring caterers. Not only does it look fantastic but also you can have plenty of cheeses, fruits, or chocolates for your guests to choose from. These grazing tables can be arranged the way you like it and the items added according to your own choice. This is also a clever way of filling up your guests without them noticing. From all the choices they have and the want to taste a bit of everything, they sure will be nibbling all throughout the night. Cocktail weddings will suit a grazing board or table well.

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Long Table Family Meal

Have a family meal set-up on your wedding for a more intimate feel. A long table with everyone seated beside each other pushes the guests to interact with each other. Have servings of food placed in front of the guests and they can take whatever they feel like eating. Limiting the food to only two choices also makes it easier for the guests to have their pick such as a meat choice and a vegetarian choice. Add some salad, cheese, or other side dishes to the menu for a complete meal. This is a great way to make the wedding feel a bit more homey and relaxed minus the expensive price tag. Mimicking the feel of a family dinner is something that your guests will always remember.

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