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Food is one of the elements to a reception that can really change the atmosphere of the event. There is something beautiful about serving delicious food and seeing your loved ones enjoy them with you. It can also speak lengths about the couple and how they want their community to celebrate their special day with them. No matter the theme and the season of your wedding, here are some foolproof food ideas for those who are still unsure about what to serve during the reception.

Pasta is always a good idea. Couples can opt for white sauce pasta or red sauce pasta depending on their personal preference. It is always a good idea to incorporate this to your whole menu and find the best one to go with the rest of your food choices. If you want your guests to have their own choice, a pasta station will definitely be a hit. Serve different sauces wherein the guests can have the chance to make their own pasta with various cheeses and side dishes.

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If you are looking for something light but still delicious, try smoked salmon. It can go with anything such as bread bites but is also good on its own. It is also perfect for those beach side weddings and for summer weddings as you do not want anything too heavy or creamy to serve to guests. Food that are light but filling are the right choices for the hotter season. For the colder days, serve soup that is filled with vegetables and meat. Not only is it easy to serve but it will also warm up your guests as they enjoy the food. Pairing your food with the weather and the location of your place is the best way to go about choosing which food to serve, not to mention it will be more affordable. Take advantage of your location so that you get the best ingredients for your food.

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Other couples opt to serve something out of the box instead of a full course meal. Food trucks that serve your favorite street food is not only more affordable but also memorable to the guests. Taco lovers can choose to hire their favorite food truck and have the truck parked nearby. Guests can line up and get their own serving of tacos and anything else on the menu that they fancy. With the availability of mobile food owners, you can find almost any food you love on food trucks.

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Out of the country weddings can pose a difficulty especially when it comes to choosing the right caterers and food servers. Always do your research before hiring anyone and make it to a point that you personally meet with these people. Serve a delicacy or a specialty of that certain country to your guests so that they can have the complete experience. Find a certain food that you love from that country and let your guests share the moment with you as you sample the delicious delicacy. There is nothing quite like sharing a favorite food to people you love and care for.


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