Time goes fast when you are planning your wedding. One moment you just got engaged and the next moment you are about to walk down the aisle and say, “I do” to the one that you love. Before it all happens so quickly, take some time off and have quality time with your soon-to-be spouse. Enjoy a date or two just reminiscing about your relationship and relaxing in the middle of the planning process. Here are some fun date ideas for you and your loved one before you tie the knot.

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Go on a road trip and just enjoy each other’s company.

Travel together and find out what kind of traveler your future spouse is so that you can both talk it over and have time to adjust. You do not want to be figuring it all out on your honeymoon that you cannot travel with your significant other. Learning to enjoy each other’s company 24/7 can be exciting and exhausting at the same time but once you both have adjusted then it will only be a lifetime of adventures and making memories with each other. Also, travelling together before the wedding gives you a chance to relax and de-stress before the big day.

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Take dance lessons just for fun and perhaps learn a dance or two to perform on your big day.

Surprise everyone by what you have learnt but do not let the pressure get to you. This is all about having fun and doing something new with your future wife or groom especially if one of you does not dance at all. Learning something new and not taking yourselves too seriously is a good indication that you are meant for each other. It is also a good alternative to going to the gym so you can look and feel your best for your wedding.

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Find a nice café or lounge at your own place with snacks and drinks to have the money discussion.

Money talk might not always seem like fun but it is an important aspect to tackle before getting married. Take away the negative connotations connected to this kind of talk and just make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. Planning a savings account can also help you to budget your expenses wisely for now and for the future.

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Spend some time and get to know each other’s friends and family.

Have a family dinner or a barbecue in the backyard with some relaxed ambiance will help you get to know others easier. Knowing the community that your partner grew up in can give you a good insight into what you should expect after getting married. This is an indication of what kind of family your partner wants to build and how they want their future to be. Plus having a community of people who support and love you both is always such a nice feeling to have, not just for the wedding day but for the rest of your married life too.


By Ady Banico


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