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The yummy food and wonderful selection of drinks at the reception goes best with an entertaining reception program. There are plenty of ways to make your reception so much more fun and memorable by including all the guests in the program through fun games.

Trivia Questions About the Bride and Groom

Make sticks or signs with the groom’s face on one side and the bride’s face on the other side. The host will read out trivia or questions about the couple and have the guests guest who said what or who did what. This can be a competition among the tables or an individual point-system game. The questions can vary from who said ‘I love you’ first or who did something embarrassing to keep the relationship going. Whoever scores the most or whichever table has the highest point will receive a special gift from the couple.

Funny Dare for the Guests

Include your guests in the program by making them pick a funny dare prepared by the couple. It can be done by printing out several dares and letting the guests pick out from a bowl or create a spinning wheel that the guests can spin from and they have to do whichever dare it lands on. Dares can include reenacting a cheesy moment of the couple or giving their date a kiss. Anything that will make the guests laugh and enjoy your night can be included in the dares.

Bingo Family Style

Print out bingo cards that guests can play while sitting at their table. The numbers can be changed with details about the couple’s lives such as “the bride’s family member” or “someone who would laugh at the groom’s corny joke.” The details can also be about the guests and whoever completes the bingo card first can be given a price or a special token.

Love Story Coloring Books

Coloring books is also a fun way to share a part of your love story to the guests. You can make a coloring book of how the two of you met and have it designed in such a way that the guests can pick out the colors to paint the illustration with. If you have children at the reception, this can also be a fun activity for them so that they do not get bored. Have a pack of coloring pencils or crayons at each table wherein guests have the chance to talk to each other especially if not everyone on the table know each other on a personal level.

Dance Off

Have a dance off with all of your guests. Not only is this a fun way to start the guests dancing at the dance floor but it can also be a fun competition among the tables. You can pick out all of the songs that each table can dance to or surprise them by just playing the songs when they are on the stage already. You can have special performances from the family of the bride or the groom to start the game off. Expect laughter and cheering as you play this game. Everyone will be pumped to go dancing after the game for sure.


By Ady Banico

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