Open bar is not exactly the cheapest addition to any wedding. The more guests you have and the more alcoholic beverages you want to add the more that you will have to pay. Cutting down on the alcohol does not mean you cut down on the fun as well. There are plenty of ways to keep your open bar exciting without having to spend too much. Here are some fun open bar ideas to celebrate your wedding.

Offer Two or Three Signature Cocktails

Offer two or three signature cocktails as opposed to a full bar. Not only will this cut the costs of the alcohol but will also add another layer of personalization to the wedding. You can make your own drinks and name it something funny or significant to your relationship. You can also offer the groom and the bride’s favorite drinks. This can even turn into a game. Whichever drink is ordered more then that person receives a prize from the entourage. Not only will this show your personalities as a couple but it is a fun way to cut down on the wedding costs.

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Beer or Wine

If you know that your guests are not exactly avid drinkers, you can always cut down their choices to two: beer or wine. This will help you save on the costs and ensure that there will be no wastage of the drinks. Have a red or white option for the wine and two choices of beers. You can also partner up with local breweries and have a beer tasting for your guests. This will excite everyone as they get to try something new and possibly get them buzzed in the process. You just hit two birds with one stone.

For some, the idea of just serving beer and wine can seem restricting. If you want to serve other drinks but still want to save up at the same time, allot a “happy hour” for it. Two to three hours of an open bar is enough to give your guests a choice to whatever they want to drink then go back to just wine and beer during the reception.

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Consider Having a Daytime Wedding

Consider having a daytime wedding. People tend to drink more during the nighttime. Not only will this cut the cost of your open bar but it can also help you cut the costs for the overall wedding. There are venues and caterers that offer deals significantly cheaper than a nighttime event. If that is something you might consider, then do check it out.

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Customize Your Drink

A customized liquor package is very much achievable. Work with the bartending company if you have anything specific in mind. Suggest what kind of cocktails you want to serve and the best spirits to use for it. The bartenders will be willing to assist you with any of your questions. This will also help you track all the alcohol that you might need for the night.

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Buy Bottles from a Liquor Store

Buy bottles from a liquor store that allows returns and refunds on unopened bottles. This case if there are any unopened bottles, you can have the choice to bring them home or exchange them for cash.

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