Being a Maid Of Honor is such a special role for any woman and they will try their best to fulfill it as much as they can. Some even take breaks from school or work just to be able to give the bride their full support and attention. The roles of a Maid Of Honor can vary depending on the type of bride and how big the entourage is but before everyone gets busy with the beautiful chaos that a wedding planning is, here are a few things that your Maid Of Honor wants you to know.

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How Much Fulfilling The Role Is

Your Maid Of Honor wants you to know how much fulfilling this role is costing her. Running errands, doing MOH duties, and being where you need her to be is adding up to the costs. It might be little amounts at first but it all adds up. Let your wedding planner or the head of the wedding preparations know if there is a special fund set aside to cover the cost of errands and other duties that the Maid Of Honor has to fulfill so that she does not have to shell out as much. Otherwise be open and honest to her, ask her if she needs any financial assistance or to let you know if there is anything that she needs.

She Hopes That She Can Have A Say In What She Will Wear

It is indeed the bride’s special day on her wedding but your Maid Of Honor wants you to know that she hopes she can have a say in what she will wear. There are styles that fit certain body types and let your MOH know in advance the color and the cut of the dress that you prefer for her to wear. Let her know also that you will give her the choice on which style of dress she can feel most comfortable in. There is always room for discussions regarding this and she can convey to the other bridesmaids the style of the dress that would suit the entourage best.

It’s Not Always Easy

There could be ongoing bridesmaids drama and disagreements happening without your knowledge. It is the duty of the Maid Of Honor to keep everything under control and ensure that you are the happiest girl in the world on your big day. But your Maid Of Honor wants you to know that it is not always easy. Make sure that you ask her every now and then if there is anything that she needs especially when it comes to making sure that everyone agrees on everything.

The Maid Of Honor has quite a hard role to fulfill but at the end of the day, your wedding is the priority. Let her know that she can bring a plus one even if it is not anyone she is serious with. Just by letting her know that she can have her fun after all the planning has been done is already a wonderful way of showing that you appreciate her and all the work that she has done for you and for your wedding.


By Ady Banico

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