Choosing the colors and the theme for your big day is one of the most exciting initial planning you will do. The overall theme and feel of the wedding can set the vibe for your big day. Even the invites will already give your guests an idea as to what they should expect. Deciding on the motif and the theme should be fun and a representation of the couples’ personality. It can get a little too restricting sometimes if you want to be dead set on your colors but it does not have to be that way. Here are things you should keep in mind when deciding on your wedding theme.

Decide which is more important: the location or the colors.

The colors that you would choose for your wedding should go well with your location. If you have decided on a wedding venue, start there and have a list of color palettes and themes that will go well with the place. If you want to prioritize your colors, then look for venues after you have decided on it. The reception and the program of the wedding should have a certain ambiance that you are after. Knowing which venue and which color motif goes well together will make sure that you big day is just as aesthetically beautiful.

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Consider the season.

Summer season is a good way to mix some bright colors with some solid neutrals. Summer is also known to be a fun and relaxing season, which is why it could be incorporated into your color scheme and motif. The winter season demands a darker color palette such as rich ruby or dark blues. This should not restrict you with your color choices though. It is still your wedding after all and you can include all the colors that you want for your motif.

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Research and brainstorming will go a long way.

There are certain colors that you did not know could go well together. This can help you with making your own color palette instead of basing it on a article you read. Sit down with your other half and imagine the kind of wedding day that the both of you want. This helps you picture and visualize the kind of things and décor that you want to see on the big day. List these things down and let your wedding planner help you put together a beautiful wedding reception based on your expectations.

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Do not let rules confine your decision-making skills.

Your wedding should be a day that you will remember forever. Think outside of the box if that is what will make you happy. This is a fun part of the wedding planning so do not be too concerned with too many rules. Be creative and enjoy the process. Not every single part of the wedding has to match. As long as you are happy and it is something that you really want then go ahead. Overthinking the whole color palette and theme can be frustrating.

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By Ady Banico

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