The summer season is a wonderful time to get married. Great weather, beautiful sunsets, and an overall pleasant atmosphere are brought about by summer, which is why many couples find it the right time to schedule their wedding. Finding the right outfit for a summer wedding can be frightening. In all of the positives that summer brings about there are also the other not so fabulous parts such as the heat especially with outdoor weddings. Everyone wants to look his or her best when attending a wedding, more so when it is a close friend or a relative getting married. Do not fear the sun and follow these simple rules to dressing for a summer wedding.

Go With The Dress Code If There’s One

The wedding invitation will tell you what kind of attire is expected from guests. There are still plenty of options to choose from regardless of the dress code. A black tie or formal attire will require the men to wear a tuxedo. Men can choose a lighter color for their tuxedo so that it does not feel too overwhelming and hot. The ladies have an option whether to wear a classic long gown or choose something modern for their attire. A jumpsuit or a nice evening separates can look just as classy as a long gown. Pair it with structured heels and accessories to make a simple look become more stylish. If you opt to go with a classic gown, choose a fabric that is breathable and is comfortable even if it is worn the whole night.

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Don’t Go Too Short On The Dress

Cocktail attire gives the female wedding attendees more freedom when it comes to choosing the length of their dress. A nice cocktail dress is more apt for a summer wedding and is also cooler for those really hot days. Do not go too short on the dress though as this is still a formal event. A dress that is knee length or just above the kneecaps paired with simple heels and accessories will make you look chic. If you want to wear a simple dress then pair it with more daring accessories to balance out your look.

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Dress For The Location

The location of the wedding is also something that should be kept in mind. Many couples choose to get married during the summer season because of the beach location or somewhere near the water. Always go for flowing dresses with light material so that you can easily maneuver in the sand.

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Be Comfortable

Choose colors that go well with your surroundings and find the right length for the dress so that it does not get dragged around in the sand or dirt. Wear shoes that go with your dress and that are also comfortable to be worn at the beach. Although beach weddings might seem a bit more relaxed than other weddings, it is still important that you look your best.

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No matter the dress code, always try your best to look presentable. Anyone getting married loves to see friends and family looking wonderful for their big day. If unsure about what to wear, always go for classic dresses with lighter colors and shoes that are apt for the location.


By Ady Banico

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