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Engagement shoots are a fun way of creating memories with your soon to be partner-in-life. This is also very helpful as engagement shoots have plenty of uses such as for invitations, thank-you notes, or save-the-dates. It is also a time for the couple to practice in front of the camera for the actual wedding shoot. Getting the best possible engagement photos are all in the planning. Here are hacks on how to perfect your engagement shoot.

Do research on different types of photographers.

This is first and foremost the important aspect to the engagement shoot. Check out the previous works of the photographer and ask yourself if this is the kind of shoot you want. Know your style and make sure that it matches the style of the photographer as well. It is best to meet up with your photographer beforehand to discuss what will happen or what you want to happen during the engagement shoot. This is a great time to get to know more about the photographer and determine whether they are the right choice for you.

Find the best location that reflects you and your partner’s personalities.

There are plenty of beautiful locations to hold an engagement shoot but if it should have a meaning for you and your partner. A beach is perfect for surfers or those who enjoy the water. The outdoors is great for the adventurous couples. Perhaps, go back to the location where you first met or a location that is meaningful for the both of you.

Figure out your photographer and videographer’s schedule so that you can adjust the time accordingly.

You do not want the photographer and the videographer to get in the way of each other while shooting and filming. It is also best that the shoot is done early in the morning or just before the sunset. The natural lighting is perfect and adds depth to the photos. But this can depend on the theme that you are trying to achieve. Make sure you time everything so that the photos can look as natural as possible.

When choosing outfits, make sure they compliment each other.

It is advised to pick outfits that go well with the location and is in the same color palette. Instead of trying to pick loud and bright colors that can look too much on the eyes, go for something light and easy on the eyes. Do not forget about your soon-to-be husband’s attire. They are part of the shoot as well and wearing complimentary outfits will make the shoot so much more fun with terrific photos to look forward to.

Just have fun.

Last and not the least engagement shoot tip: just have fun. This is your shoot after all and you deserve to enjoy it. Be yourself and be natural in front of the camera. Let your real love and affection for each other shine through your actions and smiles and not from the orders of the photographers. Your photos will turn out so much better once you let loose and enjoy yourself.


By Ady Banico

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