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Rehearsal dinners are traditionally a formal affair but many couples have decided to make it their own. Think about all the things that you want to accomplish during that night and make it a pre-celebration for your wedding. You are more or less a day away from your wedding day and you just want to have a fun-filled night with your loved ones. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure a fun rehearsal dinner before your big day.

Pick Your Guests

Rehearsal dinners are there to serve as a welcome party to your guests. These are considered a more intimate celebration so make sure you have a guest list of the closest people you want there. The list typically includes the parents, the siblings, closest friends and family, the entourage, and the officiating officer. Rehearsal dinners are also done for when you are having your wedding at a more remote location. Gathering your guests for welcome drinks and starting the festivities will get everyone in the mood. You can have a theme for this night so that the rest of the planning will go easily. Choose something that everyone can relax in especially for you. Remember, this is just to kick off the whole event and if you do not want to spend too much on it then that is fine as well.

Get a Host You Can Rely On

Get a host who will make everything fun and exciting not just for the guests but for the couple as well. Someone who is well loved by the crowd and who is not shy to go to great lengths to honor the couple is always a good choice. This is also a great time for the guests to get to know each other and get past the formalities before the big day. A huge crowd who feels comfortable enough around each other is always a great feeling to have and surround you during your big day.

Drinks, Food, and Games

Welcoming dinners can start off with drinks and a few games. An open bar with a few of your favorite drinks is sufficient enough to get the party started. If you have the budget to bring in more drinks then you can choose to do so. Consider setting up a few tables and let the guests choose where they want to sit. Something a little less formal will help relax the guests and have the chance to get to know the others. The more formal setting should be reserved for the actual wedding. An outdoor barbecue with all the food set-up in one table is perfect. You do not have to spend as much on catering and the guests are free to choose whatever they want to put on their plate.

Pick Who You Want to Speak During Your Rehearsal Dinner

This is a night to truly make you and your partner feel special and have the family and close friends say a few things. Not everyone can speak or give a speech during your wedding so pick a few of the people that you want to speak during your rehearsal dinner or have the host pick who they think will be best suited for the occasion. This is a time to encourage the couple and to welcome them into the married life. Your best friend, a childhood friend, and the parents are some of the usual choices. You can also choose to have your siblings or cousins to speak.


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