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Having weddings or receptions at home will make your special day extra special because of the venue. Your childhood house or your very own house holds so many memories. It is a place of solace, your own sanctuary, and for others a place of privacy so having a reception here will mean so much more compared to other venues. Pulling off a reception in backyard can sure take a lot of planning depending on how big your party will be but it will sure be worth it. Here are some tips on how to have a reception in your backyard.

Take note of how big your backyard is because this is where all the planning will start.

From the number of guests to the number of caterers if you are planning on having your reception catered, to knowing how big the decorations will be should be taken into account. The weather will also play a big role so that you can prepare a tent if needed. The number of guests will be important as you can have an idea of how many chairs and tables you will need to rent and it should all fit in your backyard plus have some space for dancing afterwards. You can make the most out of your backyard and indoor space if these spaces are used for specific purposes. Welcoming drinks can be positioned in the area right before the outdoor space opens up.

Depending on which city you are living in, you might need a permission to hold a party.

This will also take into account the need for police or fire patrol in case of any emergency. Of course, these are all just backups in case something goes wrong. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Make sure that the house especially the backyard is spotless even days before the actual reception.

This will help you have a clearer view of how things are going to be on the actual day plus you will not have to worry about unnecessary clutter being included in your photos. Removing anything that is not supposed to be part of the reception will give you bigger space for the celebration. Create a team to help you out with the preparations before and after. A party will leave plenty of things to be cleaned behind and it is good to have people helping you out with this duty.

To save on a few things, make use of what you already have in your backyard.

For example, if you have a decent grill for a barbecue then use that instead. Not only will everything feel more personal but it will also remove one thing that you might need to rent. Your plants and trees in the backyard can double as backdrops for photos. Add a few fairy lights and simple decorations to enhance it. Now you can expect beautiful photographs without needing to rent out a photo booth. It will add to the list of memories you have with your backyard.



By Ady Banico

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