Every bride wants to look their best all throughout their wedding. From the very start to the very last part of the wedding, it is important that the bride is looking her best. There are plenty of things that will be happening such as taking of photos, the actual ceremony, entertaining guests, and the reception. Look fresh all through the ceremony and the reception by following these tips.

Prepare a week before the wedding day.

Looking your best during your wedding does not start on the day itself. You have to take care of your skin and your face beforehand to have a glowing look on your big day. Start exfoliating a week before the wedding. This is to prep your face and to remove any impurities. A week before the wedding is the perfect time to start getting your face ready for it to be clear and smooth. Make sure you use moisturizer after exfoliating. Use a moisturizer on the face the night before and the morning of the wedding. Not only will your skin look hydrated all throughout but it will also be easier for the makeup to stay on your face. Use a makeup primer after your moisturize has been absorbed by the skin to make sure that your makeup will stay on your face.


Opt for waterproof and longwearing makeup on your big day.

There sure will be tears and sweat throughout the whole event so it is best to be ready for anything. You also will not have to worry about your mascara spreading around your eyes giving you that horrible panda eyes look. Lipsticks and lip stains that are longwearing and waterproof will give you the confidence that you look great no matter how many drinks you have had. By doing this, there will be no need for constant retouch and for the product to spread anywhere else.

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Less is more.

It might be very tempting to cake on makeup for your wedding but remember that less is always more. Start with a light base and retouch accordingly. The more makeup that you have on, the more it will have a tendency to cast a light shadow during the photos. Always go for the natural look and let your actual glow shine through instead of the various layers of makeup on your face. Make sure you avoid touching your face all the time. This will cause it to become oilier, which will make the makeup slide off of your face. If you feel like you are starting to get oily, use a blotting paper to remove any oily residue before you retouch.

After the makeup has been applied, use a finishing powder to keep it in place. Finishing powders are supposed to keep your makeup intact especially for events that have the possibility to make you sweat or oily. It will also complete your look without looking too heavy on the face. There is no need to use plenty. A light dusting on top of your makeup is enough. Give more attention to spots that get specially oily.

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By Ady Banico

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