Welcome your guests with the most amazing rehearsal dinner before your big day. Welcome dinners or rehearsal dinners vary depending on the location of the wedding, the type of celebration you are after, and what kind of couple you are. You can have either a big party or an intimate dinner with your beloved ones before you finally tie the knot. The welcome dinner is also a great way to set the overall tone of your wedding. Although these two separate events are almost tied to each other, the welcome dinner should still have a certain distinction from the wedding. Here are some ideas for an amazing welcome dinner.

First, you have to take into consideration the location of your welcome dinner.

Is it going to be outdoors? Is it going to be near the beach? Or is it going to be in a garden. Your location should determine a few things for you already, as you want your theme to incorporate your surroundings. A beautiful day with a great view demands an outdoor welcoming party with chairs, beanbags, or mats for your guests to sit on. Mix it up a bit by making the theme of your welcome dinner completely the opposite of the theme of your wedding. If your wedding is more on the formal side then let the welcome dinner be more casual and a time for everyone to enjoy each other’s company. This way you can also explore new options or perhaps do all the things you cannot do on the day of your wedding.

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The next thing to keep in mind is how you want your guests to remember this occasion.

This will vary depending on the type of couple that you and your partner are. If you love the outdoors then a welcome dinner with an outdoor setting is the best theme. Set-up a few tables for drinks and let the guests enjoy their time. If you are the sporty type of couple, have a welcome dinner somewhere with a huge space to play some soccer or basketball. If there is not a specific theme that you would want for this day, let the colors speak for themselves. Your tables, chairs, and other designs should be in the color scheme that you have picked, as this will make the set-up look more polished. This is all about what you and your partner wants. Think up of the best activities you and your partner enjoy and share it with those close to your heart.

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If you have a specific cuisine that you enjoy, you can also start getting ideas from that.

Have an Italian inspired welcome dinner with all of your favorite Italian dishes and wine to serve your guests. A beach themed welcome dinner is a good idea for couples that love the water or surfing. Have your favorite seafood dishes served and some music with the background noise of waves crashing. Decorate the tables with seashells as table centers for the complete experience. There is nothing quite like a nice dinner under the moonlight with the soft sand under your feet.

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