Weddings are indeed costly. No matter how frugal you believe you are, there are times that you would have to spend more than expected. It is true that planning a wedding, especially for those who want to keep within their budget means that you have to be precise in every way. It is definitely possible to be able to keep within your wedding budget and it is also possible that you even spend less than the budget you have set. Keeping within the budget does not have to mean that your wedding will not be as fun anymore. It is only the costs that are being cut not your enjoyment of your big day. Remember these pointers when planning your wedding to help you keep within your wedding budget.

1.) Do not plan your wedding during the peak season.

As many couples and wedding planners are trying to book a certain venue or a certain caterer, the rates will go up. Think twice before having a wedding during the wedding months of July or the summer season. As much as possible, have a wedding on October or November. Even the first quarter of the year is good months for deciding on a wedding date. Try to set the big day during a weekday as well so that you can cut off on location and catering budget.

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2.) Just by removing around 10 people on your guest list, you are already saving a lot on your budget.

If you are after a nice and intimate wedding with just the right people to celebrate your big day with you, consider checking your guest list twice.

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3.) Choose local flowers and only seasonal flowers as much as you can.

Not only will this help you save as much as US$600 but it is also better for the environment. Flowers are not expensive but what makes it costly is the labor that goes into flower arrangement. To save some more, be creative with your centerpieces. Use other materials such as candles or wood pieces instead of flowers so you will not have to spend so much on flower arrangements.

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4.) Be meticulous with your wedding entourage.

Having a huge bridal party can mean more expenses for the dresses, the shoes, the flowers, as well as for the gifts. If you can minimize the number from eight to two or three then you will be able to save as much as US$500.

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5.) You can opt to serve only wine, beer, and a couple of cocktails.

This makes your drink selection simple and easy to remember not to mention being able to save money from all those other drinks that you will not be serving. Buy the drinks by the bottle instead of per head to save from any hefty liquor expenses.

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6.) Set a working time for your photographers.

Try to cut the cake and throw the bouquet early so that the photographer can leave early as well. No one will ever know that you did this for the sole reason of saving up on photographer fees but it will always work.

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By Ady Banico

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