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Approachable, friendly, down to earth, organized, professional: these are the words that I want clients and vendors to use when describing me.  It’s important for me to create long lasting relationships with vendors who are great at their jobs so I can pass that information on to my clients knowing that they are getting truly fantastic service.  Trusting the people you hire is a great way of keeping calm on your wedding day.  You can spend time with your friends and family knowing that I am out there confirming it’s all going to plan… and if there are any fires that need to be put out (hopefully not literally!) they will be taken care of so that you don’t even notice. 

I chose the path of Wedding and Event Planner after watching hours of wedding and bridal shows on TV and realized that I could combine my love of weddings with my love of organizing and planning.  I had been planning business meetings and seminars since 2007 through my day job but I wanted the challenge of larger events and ones that people were emotionally attached to. In the fall of 2010, I started taking online courses through QC School of Event Planning and finished a few months later with a diploma and the title of International Wedding Planning Professional (IWPP).

At that time, Sara Thom Weddings was born and I started booking clients and planning weddings.  Create Weddings and Events was then formed in 2013.  I have planned and coordinated events for as little as 15 people to as many as 200 and everywhere from downtown Vancouver hotels to backyards to a lakeside resort in Northern British Columbia.

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