Bahamas might be known for its’ wild parties but there is so much to see away from all the spring breakers and tourists. Nassau, the capital of the island is fast becoming one of the best ultimate honeymoon destinations for many newlyweds. The white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and the absolutely luxurious accommodations will sure entice you to honeymoon here. Here are some of the reasons why Nassau should be your honeymoon destination.

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Flights are affordable and you can get round-trip tickets for less than US$500 during the summer and fall months.

There are also over 40 non-stop flights to Nassau from almost every major city in the US so getting there does not have to seem like a long and tiring destination. You get to save money and use it on other things such as massages or accommodation.

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Nassau has some of the best luxurious hotels in Bahamas.

You deserve to rest and be treated like royalty that you are after all the wedding planning you’ve done. Ocean Club is the perfect spot for those who want to be away from the downtown area of the city but can still have easy access when needed. This place is secluded enough to have all the privacy that you need plus the staff are amazing when it comes to hospitality. The suites are fantastic and will feel like paradise in itself, which will make it extremely hard to leave the room once you are in there. Make sure that you book a spa day at one of the Balinese spa villas for that authentic relaxing feeling.

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You get to taste the authentic Bahamian cuisine that will sure leave a lasting impression.

Seafood fritters, jerky-style meat, and conch are some of the food on the menu. The locals also know conch as an aphrodisiac, which makes it a must-try dish. The Fish Fry is a famous spot for all those dishes and they have a well-decorated place, which will serve as the perfect background for all those honeymoon photos. There are plenty of places to find food in Nassau so you will never run out of options. For romantic dinners overlooking the ocean, head to the Dune and try their famous black truffle pizza with fontina cheese.

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Nassau is all about the beach, getting a tan, sleeping, and eating. But there are fun activities that you should include in your itinerary.

Head to the Bahama Barrels to try some delicious wine made right in Nassau. This is the first winery in Bahamas, which was housed in a church in 1937. Try rolling your own cigar and rum tasting at the Graycliff. Do not forget to visit the Straw Market and Bahama Art & Handicraft for some authentic threads and unique pieces of art. These are also the best places to purchase your souvenirs and trinkets. For something a little bit more adventurous, try jumping into the world’s deepest known salt-water sinkhole at Dean’s Blue Hole.

By Ady Banico

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