Neutrals are the new popular palette for weddings nowadays. Having a neutral palette for your wedding is not bland or boring at all but rather it exudes class and elegance. The good thing is you can also match it with just about any color so you have more choices when it comes to decorations or venue because neutrals look good with just about anything. Neutrals is the perfect combination palette for everyone included in your entourage. If you want a clean looking palette that is simple and elegant then a neutrals palette is right for you.

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Champagne is a beautiful neutral color that will look equally gorgeous on your bridesmaids. Various shades of champagne will look beautiful on any skin tone and flatter any body shape. Champagne also looks nice paired with lace if you want dresses with some details on it.

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Cream is the neutral color for your bridesmaids if you want something simple with a touch of elegance. This color is perfect for beach and outdoor weddings as it stands out from the view and compliments it well at the same time. Cream is also perfect for sunset photos and they will look absolutely stunning against the orange and red shades of the sky.

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Winter weddings will look absolutely dream with beige or brown colors. They look stunning against green backgrounds and puts softness into any photographs through the neutral colors. The bridesmaids will sure love these colors as well as they are flattering for just about anyone. Let your bridesmaids choose their own cut and style of the dress to create a variety in the looks but keep the colors in similar shades.

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Gray is a neutral color that is not on everyone’s list of neutrals. Do not overlook this color as it can add something different to your wedding. For the non-conventional couples who want the modern and edgy touch to their ceremony, let your entourage wear dresses and suits in the shade of gray. It will sure stand out from other weddings. This color is also surprisingly versatile. The different shades of gray look good on just about any skin tone and any age so you do not have to worry about trying to make everyone like the color. There is a shade of gray for everyone.

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Light Peach

For a more daring neutral, try light peach. This color is muted enough to be considered a neutral but is the perfect color if you find the others shades too soft for your taste. Light peach with touches of ivory is perfect for summer weddings or beach weddings. It goes well with the surroundings and catches your eye without being too loud. This is also a great color for those with deeper skin tones, as it will accentuate the tanned skin. Those with lighter skin tone should not worry because light peach will not make them look sallow or too pale. It will brighten up the face and the overall look of anyone who wears this shade of peach.

By Ady Banico


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