Weddings are truly a magical moment of anyone’s life. What makes it so much more special is that brides get to have their closest and most loved friends alongside them. Weddings can be stressful with all the planning and before and during. That is why all brides should be reminded of how successful it went with the help of their bridesmaids. Take plenty of photos to remind you of this special day and do not forget all the beautiful ladies who stood beside you. It is their happiness as much as it is yours to see you truly glowing on your big day. Here are adorable photo shoot ideas for you and your bridesmaids.

Let the photographer capture your bridesmaids helping you with your wedding dress.

This is one of the most precious shots that a photographer can take during the preparation before the actual wedding ceremony. It is indeed no secret that a bride is as wonderful as she is because of all the support she received from her girls.

Image from Deer Pearl Flowers

Throw your veil in the air and have your bridesmaids surround you.

There is certain nostalgia to photos like this. The action shots are another great memorabilia for this day. It also showcases the beauty of your wedding dress and lets you have your bridesmaids in the shot too.

Image from Inside Weddings

Look for a great view and make the most of it.

Pose beside a hill or somewhere with a fantastic sight that can be included in the shot. This will always remind you of the beautiful location as well as the beautiful ladies standing right beside you when you said “I do.”

Image from South Bound Bride

Remember that you can use the groomsmen to your advantage.

Make them pose and take plenty of photos with you on your big day. They will not be able to say no for sure. These also make adorable shots that show the whole entourage. You can pair up your bridesmaids with the groomsmen and have them all come up with their own poses for the photo.

Image from Meggielynne.tumblr

What is a photo shoot without any fun?

Do not be afraid to be yourselves and let the photographer capture it. The candid shots sometimes turn out better than the posed one. Let your true personality shine through in the photos and let your bridesmaids be natural.

Image from Weddington Way

The jumping shot is a classic.

Although there are some venues and shoe choices that can hinder this, it is still worth the try. Another action shot that will look great on your wedding album. It also is a reminder that you had fun and your bridesmaids were there to witness the day. After all the planning and the stress you had to endure for the wedding, you deserve that jump shot.

Image from The Wedding Scoop

Do not forget to enjoy yourselves and let this be the day that all of you will always cherish. Have a shot of everyone happy and smiling while at her most relaxed form. It just shows a lot about the friendship and the love that the group has for you.


By Ady Banico

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