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Getting engaged is a very intense moment. I’m sure everyone has thought about what their dream proposal would be – During a romantic dinner on the Eiffel tower, perhaps? (This was a teenage dream of mine. I mean what could possibly be more romantic than having the love of your life propose to you in the most romantic city on Earth?) Or is having his/her friends and family over to watch the proposal more your thing?

A lot of couples nowadays plan out their future in detail, including marriage, kids, and where they’re going to live, that proposals don’t seem to be much of a big deal. They bring their partners to the jewelry shop to choose their rings, and the rest is history. It’s pretty straightforward and practical, but it’s lacking the one thing a lot of us want – having something to be giddy over. We felt it during our teenage years, making up situations with our crushes in our heads, and during the honeymoon phase of any relationship.

I’m not saying planning everything out is a bad thing though! Some couples that go through arranged marriages have it all established already and simply throw a grand engagement party (take the traditional Chinese engagements, for example). It all comes down to the individuals involved, and their personal preference or style. Some people prefer small, quiet, and intimate proposals, others want extravagant ones.

A proposal should reflect the people in the relationship. If your partner has problems being around crowds and public areas, please take into consideration your proposal. Make sure it doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable. Your goal is to hear them say “YES!”, not to make them feel even more socially awkward. This is where it would be best to plan a more private proposal. One with just the two of you, where you can say whatever you need to say without any inhibitions or people around. If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are the type to typically not care about what anyone else thinks, a private proposal may suit you better. Remember: there’s no one else you’d need to impress that day except for your beloved. However, if your partner LOVES the attention, oooh’s and aaah’s, then by all means have a public proposal. I’m sure they would love to have you profess your love and admiration for them and show it to the world (or at least those within viewing reach). You could always go the extra mile and plan out a giant mob proposal, gather all your friends, hire dancers, singers, (acrobats even!) and a professional mob all for your special night.

I know several people who got engaged in Disneyworld and absolutely loved the reactions of those surrounding them, strangers or not. One thing to keep in mind for a public proposal: consider your audience and announcement! Don’t drop down on one knee in the middle of a subway station during rush hour. You may not get the reaction you want, and it seems very stressful!

If you’re unsure about whether to propose privately or publicly, you could always go in between and propose privately first then invite family and friends over to celebrate. Don’t forget the cameras! Make this a night to remember, and have photos and videos to go back to when you’re reminiscing.


By Ady Banico

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