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Diamond tends to attract oil and dust. Throughout the years, the accumulation of dirt can make your engagement ring look old unlike the shiny gorgeous thing that it used to be. From the moment you wear your ring until years after your wedding, the ring can definitely look different. Do not forget to give your ring some tender love and care every now an then to keep it looking as good as the first time you saw it. Always be gentle with the ring when you are cleaning it and be patient when trying to remove all the grime that has been stuck on it. Cleaning an engagement ring is easier than it looks. Here are simple steps to clean your engagement ring.

Brush It Gently

First, use a dry brush to remove any obvious dust or dirt that has been stuck on the ring. Get in the corners and around the diamond so that it can completely look brand new once again. The creases should not be left out, examine all sides and every part of the ring to make sure that all dirt has been removed. A soft bristle brush such as a makeup brush can also be used on the ring if you prefer. The finer hairs of the brush can easily get into the corners of the ring and it is gentler on the stone. It is also easier to maneuver the brush hairs around the ring.

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Soak The Ring

Make a solution of water with one drop of dishwashing liquid or a mild detergent. Soak the ring for around five to ten minutes depending on how dirty it is. Once it has been soaked, take the ring out of the solution and scrub away the deep-seated dirt with a bristle brush. When you are scrubbing the ring, make sure that you hold it tightly as the soap makes it slippery. Use a piece of dry cloth to hold it with or prop it on top of a secured object. Always find a secure place to wash your ring and as much as possible do not do it on the sink. There are unforeseen accidents such as dropping the ring or even losing it in the sink making it irretrievable. Be mindful where you wash the ring.

Wipe With A Soft Cloth

Wipe the ring with a soft cloth or microfiber towel to dry it off. If you will be applying makeup with your hands, do not wear the ring right away as this can stain the ring. You can opt to use makeup brushes so that makeup stains will not get on the ring. The ring can be cleaned regularly or with months in between. Depending on your everyday activities and the amount of dirt that accumulates on the ring, this can vary. There are some who prefer to clean the ring right away when they see dirt build up and others sometimes take more than two months. As long as you take care of your ring and follow these simple steps, you can be sure to have a shining and beautiful ring once again.


By Ady Banico

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