Table decorations do more than you think when it comes to upgrading your wedding. Finding the right pieces to put on your table can do all the difference when it comes to creating a vibe, keeping with the theme, and making sure that everything looks beautiful during the reception. There is also the budget to keep in mind so it is necessary that each piece of decoration purchased will not go to waste but will be used wisely. Here are some table decorations that will sure upgrade your wedding venue.

Eucalyptus Garland

Eucalyptus garland either dried or fake can be a beautiful addition to your table decoration. Use it as a table runner and place it right in the middle of a rectangular table and smaller decorations along such as candles or table numbers and you will have a chic decoration. The green will look exceptionally wonderful against a wooden table.

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Table Runner

If you are after the minimal look, then try a cloth table runner with an interesting liner. A golden liner will make the table runner look modern without being too overdone. There are table runners with crocheted borders as well that is perfect for a more vintage or classic look. Use this as a base and then add candles or flowers on top for an additional style.

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Lanterns and Candles

For a romantic wedding, lanterns are the perfect table decorations to create the mood. Light up some candles inside and let the soft yellow light create the atmosphere that you are after. Keep in mind to not go overboard with lanterns, as they can look too cluttered on the table. Position around two or three lanterns per table and add more for bigger tables. You do not have to stick with lanterns of the same size. Play around with the different sizes for that organized mismatched effect but stick to the same color or style for consistency. For modern weddings, try geometrical shaped lanterns or candle holders in smaller sizes, which will go well with the bigger decorations.

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Personalized Table Numbers

Table numbers do not have to be merely markers for where your guests should sit. Try adding some personality and design to them and they double as table decorations. Look for copper frames in various sizes as it adds beauty to a rustic wedding. You can also use floral designs for your numbers for romantic or classic weddings. Use this opportunity to make your wedding a bit more personalized by adding significant dates, anniversaries, or moments that correspond to the table number.

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Local Flowers in Season

Flowers are a classic go-to table decoration for any wedding but finding the right kinds of flowers will sure amp up your wedding venue. Look for local flowers that are in bloom and pick ones that stand out to create a pop of color in every table. Wild flowers are best for rustic or vintage weddings. The more romantic and classic weddings can go for roses or dahlias. Sometimes less is more so positioning the flowers on the table properly is key to saving some money on the decorations.

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