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The wedding venue is just as an important as the other parts of a wedding. Some venues can even make the wedding so much better as it gives a unique perspective into the style of the couple and the planning that went into it. Throughout the years, churches and gardens have been the top choice for wedding venues. The traditional and safe choice has always been expected in weddings but the recent years have proven that many brides want to have complete control over their own weddings. Hiring a non-traditional wedding venue such as a city hall, a public garden, museums, or renting a private property can make a wedding just as beautiful. There are many advantages to hiring non-traditional wedding venues. Creative couples will have the time of their lives planning a wedding to be held in an unexpected place. Here are the main advantages to hiring a non-traditional wedding venue:

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The costs of hiring a non-traditional wedding venue is greatly lower than hiring a church or a restaurant hall. Weddings can also be amazing without it having to break the bank. As long as your venue can handle all the attendees and there is enough room for the guests then you have found a good place to get married. Private properties can also be rented at a fraction of the amount that would usually cost when you hire a restaurant or a huge garden for the venue. Adventurous couples can even hire venues on rooftops or hilltops as this represents their energetic personalities

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You can look for quirky spaces or out of the ordinary spots to get married at. It does not have to meaning anything to anyone as long as it means something for the couple getting married. There are plenty of spaces that can definitely be hired for a wedding and with a little creativity the ideas are endless.

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Couples will have the freedom to decorate the venue and fix the set-up anyway that they want. There are plenty of couples that are looking at making the wedding day about them and about the people that they love. There are some wedding venues that put a restriction on how the place can be decorated or it is usually a part of an inclusive package deal. Sometimes, there are implications to hiring a wedding venue especially a venue that is popular for such events. Big venues will usually have partners for catering, decoration, and music to lessen the duties of the couples getting married but just at a higher price. Hiring a non-traditional wedding venue means that you can set-up the place however you desire and even rent your own caterers and music. For smaller intimate weddings, being able to choose your own caterers and decorators can really change the whole mood of the wedding. By being personal and intentional with the decoration, it will definitely be a night to remember.

Hands on couple will truly enjoy planning a wedding at a non-traditional wedding venue. Couples who want to be completely in control of the wedding decorations and the wedding arrangement as well as their budget can definitely benefit from thinking outside of the box.


By Ady Banico

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