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It is never too late to start working out for your wedding. Getting those toned arms and curvy body can take time though depending on your body type and your diet. But it is important that you get to exercise everyday so you get stronger and leaner. Those toned arms are not going to come out of nowhere. Hard work and dedication are important to achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. Remember that you are doing this for yourself because you want to be the best version of you possible. Be confident in your body and in who you are as a person as this will shine through during your wedding day. Here is the best pre-wedding workout for a better you.

Do not forget to stretch beforehand; those who workout regularly should know that this is an important part of exercising.

No one wants you to get injured or pull something before your wedding. Be consistent in stretching and know your limits. Stretch those legs, arms, neck, and back. Be thorough and do not skip anything. Do a minute of jumping jacks, a minute of mountain climbers, ten alternate lunges, and ten burpee jumps. Let the heart pump faster as you feel stronger and more aware of your body.

The next part is where the workout can be changed depending on your needs and wants.

If you want a stronger core, focus on working out that area and more on using your core to support your body weight. Push-ups, crunches, lateral cones, and stepping side to side on a box with a medicine ball can help you strengthen your core. For those needing to tone the arms, regular planking and planking plus raising the leg alternately will challenge your strength and really work on those arms.

Circuit training targets the overall body and makes anyone work harder on their endurance.

This is done for a specific time only but can be categorized as high intensity level of training. It means that you only have to do it for a certain time but gives the same result as other workouts. This is best for those who are busy and have no time to work out. Apply at a gym near you so that you can maximize your time better. There should be no excuses from those who have goals in mind.

Yoga is a great way to strengthen core, lose weight, and gain flexibility before your wedding.

There are yoga studios that offer different types of yoga. If you have not done yoga before, it is good to ask the teachers what is best suited for your needs. You can always mix up your work out with some running, yoga, and circuit training. A repetitive workout may not always bear the same outcome. Mixing it up on the other hand reminds the body of all the different things it can accomplish. So, ready your workout gear and your running shoes. Sweat it out until you see the results that you are after. You deserve to shine on your big day.


By Ady Banico

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