Before all the planning and the deciding for your wedding, it is important to have a wedding theme. This way, any decision you make onwards will be easier as you plan your wedding thoroughly. The theme will also be the basis for all colors, food, and location. This will also create a certain mood that will be remembered by your guests. An aspect of the reception that is affected by the theme is the cake. Make sure that your cake matches your theme and tie the concept completely. Here are the right cakes to match your theme.


Classical and romantic weddings deserve a cake that speaks of the theme as well. Look for three tiers or more with simplistic but strong designs. Subtle floral decorations or gold lacings will go really well with the classical and romantic theme.

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Modern themed weddings should go for more daringly designed cakes. Think of geometric patterns and hand painted designs. Handwriting designs can even be added to the cake for a finishing touch. Cakes that go well with modern themed weddings are usually smaller in size with various colors unlike the classical wedding cakes that are typically just white or cream. There is more freedom when it comes to artistic designs of a wedding cake fit for modern themed weddings.

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Rustic themed weddings will always have bare or naked cakes. This is the type of cake that has minimal fondant or icing but rather is covered in fruits, succulent, or leaves. It is a great centerpiece to weddings held at barns or a farm. This perfect for the outdoorsy type of couples and want to indulge in the presence of nature during their wedding day. For weddings with locations near the forest, it is best to have these types of cake with accents that represent the trees and nature. Beach weddings will benefit more from cakes that are covered in fruits that are in season.

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Vintage themed wedding cakes must have feathers, pearls, or lace as added details for an added vintage feel. Vintage themed wedding cakes are also plentiful in fondant with strong designs that really take you back to the old days. Stick with colors black, gray, and gold to keep with the theme.

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Bohemian themed weddings should have cakes that are filled with luscious green colors, flowers, and other decorations that are dreamy. Anything that looks like an ethereal masterpiece of a cake will fit right in with a bohemian wedding. Pick a certain flower that you want as a focal point of the cake and have this be the central inspiration for the designs.

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If your wedding theme is something unique and out of this world, then you are deserving a cake that is also out of this world. Look for pastry chefs that are willing to fulfill your request for a quirky designed cake. Wedding cakes should not only be shaped a certain way. Have fun with something unique and out of the box cake idea for your wedding.


By Ady Banico

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