The wedding day is a time for the brides to shine bright. It is one of the most exciting moments in any woman’s life and to ensure that you feel your best, finding the right wedding dress for your body type is necessary. Show off your assets and look your best for this will be a day that you would want to remember for the rest of your life.

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If you have not been blessed in the height department, there are many ways to still feel tall and wonderful during the big day. Petite women still have various choices for wedding dresses that can accentuate their best assets. Think of goddess and toga types of dresses with flowy material from the waist down. A raised waistline will elongate the legs of the bride and create a beautiful silhouette that adds height. Simple and soft textured dresses will create a classy look that is not overwhelming on the eyes.

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Tall brides should invest in simple wedding dresses that highlight the height and the natural curves of the body. Simple is best for tall brides as too much embellishments can look cutesy rather than classy. Go for classic satin dresses that fall directly from the waist to the floor to highlight the long legs.

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Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped brides will look best in dresses with A-line skirts. With the natural waistline highlighted and the material away from the hips and thighs, it creates a beautiful outline of the body shape. A v-shaped neckline or a thin-strapped bodice will create the illusion of a slender upper body.

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Brides with a busty body shape will look best with a scooped or sweetheart neckline as it will hug the body on all the right curves. The right neckline can open up the face and make it look brighter and fresh. Make sure that if going for a strapless dress the bodice is simple without the unnecessary additional fabric so as it will not add attention to the chest area. Also keep in mind that strapless dresses should have enough support so that it will stay in place throughout the wedding. Stay away from necklines that go straight across as the bust area will look bigger. An A-line dress can create a gorgeous hourglass shape on any bride.

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Show off a curvy shape body with a satin gown that sticks to the skin and highlights all the right parts of the body. A drop waist gown will hug the waist and thigh areas properly without adding volume to the whole look. A supportive bodice will ensure that there will be no unintentional wardrobe malfunction and will keep the bride comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony. Stay away from too much fabric especially on the thicker parts of the body.

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Apple Shaped

Apple shaped brides should consider a dress that is tight in the smallest part of the waist and then slowly creating an A-line skirt. A bodice with plenty of texture such as a ruche or lace will not only create a soft look but will also mimic a bustier silhouette. To create a more slender look, opt for a v-neckline that it will draw the eyes vertically instead of horizontally. Trumpet style dresses should be avoided for it highlights the bigger parts of the body.

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