Bohemian Beach Weddings have been gaining much popularity lately. It is such a beautiful theme that ties well with the venue. The free-spirited, non-conformist, and relaxed vibes of this theme will have everyone enjoying and truly remembering your special day. Here are some things to remember if you want to have a bohemian beach theme for your wedding.

If you plan to get married during the summer months, plan the wedding to start around 5 to 6PM onwards.

Anything earlier will be too hot for you and your guests. The sunlight will also be too harsh for the photos and it will not come out as beautiful as you expect. Give out umbrellas, fans, sunscreen, or have parasols set-up as a shade from the sun. This can be designed in such a way that will make your aesthetics so much more enticing. Choose colors that go well with your chosen colors to keep uniformity.

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Scout the venue before the actual wedding.

You can also hire a wedding planner who has enough knowledge of the area so your answers can be directly answered. You want your spot to be private and peaceful during the ceremony. Any unexpected distractions or noises will ruin the whole experience so make sure that you are getting the place all to yourself.

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The theme itself is relaxed and laid-back so do not expect your guests to be wearing suits or long gowns.

You can suggest that they opt for linen pants, shirts, and flowing dresses made from more comfortable material. Remember that you want your guests and your entourage to be feeling comfortable the whole time. Sweating and uneasiness will not come out great in photos.

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Use natural items for your wedding altar such as driftwood.

You can decorate the driftwood with plenty of flowers, shells, and a lacey blanket. Not only are they beautiful in photos but it also goes well with the whole theme. You can also show a bit of your personality through the way that the altar has been designed and decorated.

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The bohemian beach theme is all about being natural and carefree.

Go for the natural look when you are deciding on your makeup for your wedding. Do not have too much layers of makeup on your face to avoid caking. Go for a dewy look with bright eyes, some bronze and brown accents, and fresh pink lips. You can also add some floral pieces on your hair or a flower crown to complete the look.

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The groom can have fun with succulent boutonnieres, a bow tie, and suspenders.

The colors worn by the groom should also go with your color palette. The groom can decide to be barefoot for beach weddings or wear light shoes that can be worn in the sand. A clean look on the groom will go well with the theme. He does not necessarily have to be shaved but create clean lines when it comes to facial hair. The hair should be styled so that it will not go all over the place especially when the wind is blowing.

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