Honeymoons serve as a trip of a lifetime for newly wedded couples. It is the time to enjoy each other’s company and to relax after the months of planning for the wedding. A honeymoon can also serve as the time for couples to plan their next steps as married individuals. Here are the best places around the world for an amazing honeymoon.

1. Paris

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Paris, France is quite possibly the most romantic city in the world. What better way to celebrate your marriage than to bring your loved one to Paris? Filled with art, culture, architecture, and delicious food Paris will definitely be a memorable trip.

2. Venice

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Venice, Italy has been a top choice for honeymooners ever since. Riding a gondola through the Grand Canal is one of the most romantic activities to do in Italy. Piazza San Marco and Basilica San Marco have breathtaking views that will complete your romantic stroll around the city.

3. Anguilla

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Anguilla in the Caribbean Islands is what honeymoons are made of. Clear blue waters, soft and white sand, and beautiful tropical trees will make you want to stay in this paradise forever. Go diving or boating around the islands and get a beautiful tan that will be the envy of all.

4. Bora Bora

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5. Ibiza

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Ibiza, Spain is more than just the wild nightlife it is known for. Outside of the city center, there are villages full of gorgeous greeneries and a magnificent view of the city. This is the best place for couples looking for a relaxing honeymoon away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. If you ever change your mind, the city can still be reached easily.

6. Marrakesh

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Marrakesh, Morocco might not be the top destination that comes in mind when talking about honeymoon but adventurous couples will find joy in exploring this city. Filled with fantastic Moroccan food and a colorful market, there is a treasure to be found in every corner of Marrakesh.

7. Galapagos

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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador will give you an unparalleled wildlife experience and a unique peak into Ecuador. Pristine beaches and underwater life that is included in the world’s seven underwater wonders, Galapagos is unlike any other honeymoon destination. Go island hopping and explore the surrounding islands with your loved one for a great activity during the day.

8. Aspen

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Aspen, Colorado is one of top destinations for premier skiing. If islands and warm climates are not your idea of a honeymoon, then head to Colorado for the best snowfall experience. Get cozy in a spa or hotel with a hot tub and celebrate your love with a bottle of champagne.

9. Alaska

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Alaska is nature’s way of showing off. It is home to some of the best majestic views of nature and glacier-capped mountains. The Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve should be on your list of places to visit as there daily sightings of bears, bald eagles, and humpback whales. Definitely an experience worthy of a honeymoon.

10. Hydra Island

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Hydra Island, Greece is perfect for honeymooners looking to stay away from touristy areas. This island can be reached by a 90-minute boat ride from Athens. Explore Hydra on foot as motor vehicles are prohibited on the island. Expect romantic strolls every day and appreciate the simplicity of life in Hydra Island.

By Ady Banico

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