Wedding Color Motifs

Spring, Fall, Winter or Summer; color schemes to match every season

We all know how hard it is to choose the colors that do not clash but perfectly match the season we are to be wed in. Now, for some, colors that are not necessarily in season are absolutely abhorrent. Eye sores and nuisances alike, you would not want to be the couple whose wedding visually stood out in the worst way! Here are a few examples of what colors match which seasons and why they are the preferred selection by most.


Known for the season of flowers and the reawakening of nature, Spring brings all sorts of bright colors to the table. Think of Spring as the season where thin strands of light peer from the sky and highlight a whole carnival of colors.

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A palette of pastel colors with brighter undertones are definitely a go-to color scheme; a perfect match to white or a creamier white to traditional weddings. Pastel is certainly for a more soft-spoken motif, a little easier on the eyes and a little less glaring. Spring weddings are a platform for chic color schemes. Let the pastel palette guide you on your way to having the most Spring wedding you can possibly have.

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Summer the most vibrant of seasons with an even more vibrant set of colors. Usually hot and sunny, now is not the season to blend in rather to stand out with your bright and bold colors!

These swatches serve as an example as to just how wide a variety your choices in colors may be. May they be brighter in shade or lighter than the sunny sky, Summer motifs will most certainly heat up any wedding.

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Image from One Fab Day
Image from Tulle and Chantilly


Because Fall, or sometimes known as Autumn, marks the transition of Summer going into Winter, it is a season for changing colors; from brighter colors cooling down to more subtle ones.

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Autumn’s palette has a deeper set of colors with richer undertones. Luckily, white is an easy color to match, so that will not pose as a problem. Matching the fallen leaves, red, maroon, yellow or flowers who are yet to bloom staying in different darker hued buds. Deeper more richer colors are the way to go when it comes to a Fall wedding. You are sure to make a statement with these bold colors.

Image from Ys Edu Sky


Winter being the coolest season, in terms of temperature of course, there isn’t necessarily the widest variety to choose from here. Nonetheless, Winter does offer its own unique selection.

As you can see, Winter edges on cool colors even with pastel choices, a cooler shade is preferred. Within this season’s margins a more cool and calm motif should be in order. Even with a cooler set of colors your wedding can most certainly bring the heat. No better pairing than cool shades of blue and white; classic.

Image from Elegant Wedding Invites
Image from Elegant Wedding Invites

Planning your wedding will not always be easy, starting with the date and time, to picking a motif to match; buckle up and make it a season of love! Your guests are sure to appreciate all the thought and planning you’re putting into this once in a lifetime event!


By Ady Banico

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