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During your celebration you must have some form of entertainment. Whether you’re the type to go with a traditional band or one of those fun quirky couples who have musical numbers prepared, you need to make sure everything is planned and laid out. That way, you can avoid any sort of mishaps along the way.


It has long been tradition for weddings to have bands to perform all night long. Beginning with entertaining the guests while you and your husband sneak away for a quick photoshoot as they gather in the reception hall, performing the music to your first dance, and ushering the night into a dance-frenzy as well as providing mellower and mellower music as the night draws to a close. Depending on your own personal taste, a wide variety of musical bands should be available to you. If money poses no issue, there are multiple high-profile bands out there willing to make personal appearances for VIP parties. Some do opt for DJs instead of bands but, nothing is like the real thing. So, why not stick to a classic?

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Personal performances from the bride and groom themselves have become somewhat of a staple in more and more weddings these days. A bride might prepare a more intimate dance number meant to entice the groom and the groom might put together a performance with his groomsmen akin to a “boy band”. Sometimes, as a special treat to the celebrants their entourage as a whole puts together their own dance performance, meant to bring resounding laughter from the bride and groom as well as all the guests. I have been to a wedding where all the kids who have roles in the actual ceremony were brought together to dance ‘The Macarena’. There is no limit for just how much we are willing to do for our loved ones’ entertainment.

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In lieu of bands, some couples, hire an all-vocalists group; sometimes with varying kinds of voices from sopranos to altos, sometimes just acapella groups, sometimes even all-out operas. Forgoing instruments at times, all-vocal groups do bring a certain intimacy to weddings. There is nothing like an entire sea of guests surrendering to sweet timbers and trembles of an angelic voice. Now, before you put the idea of bands behind you, remember to choose your vocalists wisely. Do not just hire anyone to come and sing for the most important day of your life.

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Now, of course, it also goes without saying that the couple the new Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so will have their first dance. They say that a couple’s first dance is akin to a couple’s partnership; their rhythm and the beat of their every swing and dip. Make no mistake, your friends and family may think they know you and how you two operate, but they don’t know you until they have seen you dance together. As Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so, it is in your best interest to wow and slay for the first time as a newly born life-long partnership. Do not disappoint, do dazzle!

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You see, whatever kind of entertainment you bring to the table, your guests will appreciate the utmost thought and consideration you put into it. Make your wedding memorable; make it stand-out in the best way! You can choose to stick with the classics or take it up a notch. That’s all up to you! The only margins you have are the ones you create for yourself.


By Ady Banico

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