Everything you need to know when it comes to gift registry for your wedding.

When you embark on a long and beautiful journey, it helps to be prepared in every sense of the word. Prepping for your marriage apart from the wedding planning includes registering for gifts. Things you would like to receive to help you start your new life with your partner. Gift registration is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Choosing a specific place you’d like to register is the first step, but you do not necessarily have to have only one. Being the celebrants you can register in as many places as you would like. You and your partner head on over and begin the process. I can’t speak for all of them but in my experience, it is pretty easy. What more could certain brands want than to indirectly require buyers to make their purchases from their stores? So, it is in their best interest to cater to registries with the utmost care and ease as they can possibly provide; sometimes graciously providing generous discounts. As for your guests, rather than having to rack their brain for what you might like, why not take it from the bride and groom themselves and actually get them what they ask for.

Here is a list of a few stores that cater to different kinds of registries; mostly specializing in Wedding Registry. They have their own unique take on wedding gifts and depending on the bride’s and groom’s prerogative. You might want a more personalized take on things or a more practical one. They all bring a special kind of class and elegance to their brand.


Macy’s provides choices anywhere from home décor, kitchen essentials, bedroom linens to even storage and luggage with such sensible prices. They usually have sales that can bring Dinnerware to a price as low as $10.00. Macy’s is definitely the ‘smart shopper’s’ go-to registry. Make no mistake, Macy’s can also go as high up as $1000, depending on your choice of items. I would say, they have the most diverse set of items. Macy’s serves up diversity like no other, from wider price ranges to an even wider selection.

Bed, Bath & Beyond 

Bed, Bath & Beyond caters to a more personal sort of Gift Registry. Akin to other brands, Bed, Bath & Beyond steps it up notch by providing a platform to personalize gifts you would like to receive. Something as simple as having your names engraved or something as unique as actually having them all-out design their gift of choice, with a price range of $10.50 for personalized mugs Bed, Bath & Beyond does not disappoint.


Take IKEA into consideration if you are more of an adventurous couple who like to tinker and take pleasure in building it yourselves. Now, just because you sometimes do have to put it together yourselves, you can’t totally expect beautiful things at a more sensible price. You still do have to pay for the prestige IKEA brings to the table. They have sofas that go as high up as $500; if money is not an issue, why not?


VIP Service, 10% discounts and bonus gifts! You must be intrigued by now, if not, I sure am.

Williams-Sonoma brings class and elegance that comes at no cheap price; although, they do provide discounts to boot and intriguing sales. These may not be enough to sell you on the idea but private shopping, hands on help and gift cards to their sister companies just might. Williams-Sonoma does provide a small selection of gifts for under $50 for the more thrifty shoppers but do price their prestigious items such as pots and pans as far up as $1,300. Can’t beat class! Try it out you might just luck out with a generous guest.

The registering process may not always be easy. First thing’s first- choosing a place to cater to your registry. Second is determining items that may be essential to you, your husband or your home or even a whim you’d like to satisfy. Third would have to be actually going there and selecting those items for registry. Often they provide catalogues or maybe they have an app available to your smartphone. It isn’t always taxing but some effort must definitely be paid before receiving the items of your choosing. This would also mean you having to sometimes include a small notice or pamphlet in your invites to provide the guests with some knowledge of where you are registered.

As you can clearly see registering for gifts is no small task. After picking out maybe one or two stores, you’ll still have to drag your husband into the store and actually have him help you pick out the items you’ll put into your new home. Maybe, you already have a home together, take this as an opportunity to redesign or refurbish your home. You’re getting married and starting a life together! What a better way to start anew. Take your home into consideration when thinking of what you’d like to get out of your new marriage, besides the wonderful partner you’ll have for the rest of your life. Your guests and even your entourage will thank you for registering. After all, you’re not requiring them to give you those but, rather, providing them with a list of suggestions. I’m sure more than one person is willing to take the plunge with you on your special day. Some might even break bank with you. You’re spending so much on your wedding already. Providing them with food, entertainment and a night filled with experiences they will hold dear. What more than giving you an item of your choosing to send you off to married bliss or thank you for including them in your celebration of love. So, let your imagination run wild! Whether you are a practical couple looking for practical gifts or even a couple with a more expensive taste, your margins are only ones you make for yourselves.


By Ady Banico

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