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After a beautiful wedding, tearjerker of vows said to each other, and the wedding gifts unwrapped you are in for another adventure of a lifetime. The wedding is not the end all of it but rather the start of your married life. A marriage is a huge commitment that needs hard work every single day. Once you come off from the wedding high, things can start to go south if you do not put in the effort to sustain the marriage. Here are a couple of things newlywed couples need to keep in mind for a happy marriage.


Continue to communicate with each other. No matter if it is just the small things as long as you talk to your partner regularly. Share your daily activities with the other person if you are both working or just talk about anything under the sun. This is a great time to get to know each other on another level and when you continue to communicate, you get to see the different layers of their personality. It will astound you and will make you fall in love with them even more.


Once the wedding certificate has been signed, it is official. You are no longer responsible for just yourself. You will start to share your emotions, your house, your bed, and everything else with the other person. Learn how to compromise and to meet in the middle. Find a middle ground wherein both of you are satisfied with the decision. Always listen to what the other person is saying or not saying. The differences in personalities and even personal preference can become a beautiful thing if both of you are willing to compromise and be selfless.

You’re a Team

To keep your marriage healthy throughout the coming years always remember that you are a team. No matter how many fights you get into or how many disagreements you have, you will always have the other person. In the end of the day, it will still be your partner who is by your side. You are a team now and the victory of the other is a victory for both. Fight for the two of you and not just for yourself. This will also be a good training ground for when you become parents. You realize that you are not only doing things for yourself but your children and your spouse. The whole team needs someone who will back them up and defend them during hard times.

Be Honest

Always be honest. No matter how painful honesty can be, it is what will make the marriage last. White lies are still lies, just be honest all throughout to free yourself of guilt. Once there has been mistrust between two people, it can become very difficult to have a complete trust for the other. Do not let this happen as it can start a crack in the relationship. When that mistrust grows, it can definitely eat away on the relationship. Do not give your partner a reason to doubt you or your actions.


By Ady Banico

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