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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. There is so much to look forward to and to plan. Before anything else, there are a couple of things that partners must discuss before the wedding planning in order for the wedding to go smoothly. Do not start any planning unless these things have been discussed in advanced or risk having a nerve-wracking wedding planning.

It is important to discuss where the wedding would be held. If your partner comes from a different place than you, would you be willing to have the wedding where they’re from or vice-versa? Is there a possibility that the wedding will be somewhere else around the world? And if yes, which country would it be? There are plenty of beautiful spots for a wedding all over the world and before you start planning the wedding, the location must be finalized first and foremost.

The budget is also another discussion to have before any planning starts. You can have all of the grand ideas but if your budget cannot handle it then you would just risk disappointment and even resentment towards your partner. Keep in mind that all of your choices when it comes to the actual ceremony will directly impact the location of the wedding. It is necessary that the both of you are completely open and honest to each other before the wedding planning as it can get very stressful at times especially if you want to be hands-on with the planning. Once the budget for everything has been settled, it is time to start canvassing prices and looking around for wedding ideas.

Most people would say that a wedding is the bride’s night but keep in mind that it is a union between two people. The bride might want a grand wedding with hundreds of visitors but the groom could want an intimate ceremony with only the closest people surrounding them. This must be discussed thoroughly in order for both of you to enjoy the night. The guest list should also be reviewed by both the partners and ask each other if there is anyone that they might not feel comfortable inviting. Find a compromise or meet in the middle. The whole wedding must speak of your personalities and love for each other. The other person must also be heard and always remember to stick to your budget.

These are all aspects that directly affect the wedding planning itself but beyond that, the life that you want to create should be something you both are excited about. Career and money should be brought up before the wedding. Ask each other how this will be included in your married life and how it will be different once you are married. Buying furniture for a house as well as other household items should also be discussed. The topic on children is one of the most important as well as this will change your whole married life.


By Ady Banico

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