Planning a wedding is always fun albeit the bumps here and there. Once you get closer to the big day, all the hard work and stress will be worth it. Seeing everything come together and your wedding happening in front of your eyes is enough to get any bride and groom teary eyed. Top that with some of your loved ones and closest friends celebrate it with you, it is indeed an emotional time. The reception and the speeches are one of the moments that you have to be ready for. They can truly be special and funny but it can also demand tears within minutes. If you want a heartfelt and genuine celebration, include the people you love most. Here are the people that you can ask to give a speech on your wedding reception.

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The Best Man

Before the dancing and all the festivities get in the way, make sure the speeches and the toasts are ready. This is one tradition that you should not miss during your big day. Speaking of traditions, it is the best man that starts off the speeches and the toast. Once everyone has been given a glass of champagne and are ready to toast to the future of the couples, the best man can start speaking. The speech is traditionally a one to two minutes long. Nowadays, couples have found other ways to make their weddings their own and not abide by the many formal rules of weddings. Toasts and speeches can either starts once every guest has been seated down or after the food has been consumed. Speeches also vary in time depending on the program and the requests of the newlyweds. The best man speech is one that should be included in the lineup and quite possibly one that should not be missed.

The Maid Of Honor

Along with the best man, the maid or matron of honor should also give a speech. This would usually be sharing stories about how the couple started and how the relationship developed throughout the years. Your maid of honor is the best friend or the sister that was there for you throughout your relationship and can give a unique insight and share it to others during the reception. Expect laughs and plenty of tears.


The parents of both the bride and groom– if present –should be part of the people to say something or to toast to the couple. Either both of the parents can do a joint speech or one for each bride and groom get to say something. The fathers are usually the go to speech givers but the mothers are also an important part of the whole celebration.

The Bride And The Groom

Last but not the least, the couple should be included in the lineup of people who will be giving a speech on the wedding day. This is a chance for you and your partner to thank each and everyone who joined you on your special day. It is a time to extend your gratitude for all the help. Let everyone know how much you appreciate them and how you will always remember that day.


By Ady Banico

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