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Every bride wants to look her best during the big day. It is going to be a special day indeed but various problems such as sweating and smudged make-up can happen. This is why it is important to do a trial look beforehand. Trial looks also help you to be prepared for anything and to be ready for whatever happens during the big day. Being equipped for what is to come can lessen the stress and make you look fresh the whole wedding until to the last minute of your big day.

It’s important that your wedding dress goes well with your makeup.

Plan ahead and make sure that your wedding dress will go well with your makeup. No matter if it is a classic and simple look or a bolder look that you are after, making sure that matches your dress can help in making you comfortable the whole day. The makeup and the dress should seamlessly go well together as it can dramatically change your whole outlook.

It helps to have enough time for any changes.

Give yourself a couple of days before the wedding to do the trial look. This way, you can have time to change anything or experiment with other looks if the original look does not work out. This will especially come in handy if you are doing your own makeup. On the wedding day itself, have enough time before the actual wedding so that you can adjust accordingly. If you have a makeup artist to do your look for you, take note of what you like and do not like about the initial look. Take photos and give them notes about what you want to change and what you want to stay the same. The makeup artist should be able to give you an estimate of how much time you need to prepare.

Test some certain products on your skin.

Keep your face clean before the trial look. Do not forget to keep hydrated throughout the day. A change in your facial routine can have an effect on how your makeup will look. Having a bare face will help the makeup stay longer. Makeup artists will have the necessary products to make sure that your make up stays on your face the whole time. If you are doing your own makeup, look for products that are good for your skin type. Mattifying products are best for oily skin and moisturizing products are recommended for those with drier skin. Finishing sprays are great for sealing your look and locking the makeup to your skin.

After the trial look is done, walk around and test the look. Check how strong the staying power of the makeup is because you cannot be sure just what exactly can happen on your big day. Sweat a bit and see how it reacts with your makeup. Drink water and check if your lipstick is still intact. Take note how these actions can affect your makeup so that you can prepare for it ahead of time. Have your makeup artist ready for retouch and see how that can better your look. Having people to assist you on the big day makes all the difference.


By Ady Banico

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