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Weddings are truly the best times to bring together your friends, family, and loved ones. It is a time to celebrate love and community. After all the planning that goes into a wedding, you can finally rest with your partner and enjoy your honeymoon. But one thing you should not forget are the “thank you” cards. These are necessary to let your guests know that you appreciated their time and you want to share how thankful you are for having them on your special day. This is also the perfect time to thank them for the gifts or for any way that they have helped before, during, and after the wedding. Even if there was hundreds of guests or a selected few, here is a foolproof guide to help you with your cards.

It’s never too early to start your list.

Be prepared and organized. It is never too early to start your list. After you have sent out the invitations and the RSVP gets back, write it down. Once you have opened the gifts, take note of it as well and add to your list. Keep the wedding cards and start from that in case you get confused. Let your wedding coordinator keep a list of all the attendees just in case.

Thank you cards should be sent out within three months after the wedding.

Once the wedding high is over, it is very easy to get carried away with normal life. Do not let this get in the way of writing your cards. It will be harder to get back on track if you let too much time pass by. Wedding etiquette rule is that thank you cards should be sent out within three months after the wedding. You do not have to finish all the cards in one sitting. Rather allot a time each day in doing so or set aside a weekend to finish the cards.

Personalize your cards.

By personalizing your cards, you will make your guests feel extra special and loved. Do not stick with one generic message for everyone. You can add anything that you feel you need to thank them for especially those who were part of the planning stage of the wedding. Thank them for the gifts or for the generous gifts but never mention any monetary amount. Share with them how you used or will use your gifts so that they have an idea what the purpose of the presents were. It is nice to be appreciated and they will more likely remember those memories with good feelings attached to it.

There’s nothing more special than a truly heartfelt card.

Get your partner to help you with writing the “thank you” cards. This is another great way to bond with your spouse as well as to get the job done faster. Always be gracious and sincere with your thank you. There is nothing more special than a truly heartfelt card. Your loved ones will appreciate it so much more and will remember you and your spouse for being truly genuine about the people you have in your life. This is a wonderful way to cap off the wedding chapter in your life; by spreading all the positive energy and love to others.

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