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This online platform for unique wedding venues came to life when I was in search for a wedding venue for my own special day. My husband and I had a long distance relationship before we were married, driving back and forth from Vancouver BC and Seattle WA. Planning a wedding was difficult when we were apart, and finding a wedding venue was especially challenging as we wanted an intimate and memorable experience at a romantic venue. Searching online was a process as most of the wedding venues I found were ballrooms, restaurants, country clubs and expensive venues meant for hundreds of people!  I realized that there were many other couples who were just like me, looking for an intimate spot to get married. The experience gave me the idea and inspired me to help couples find their perfect fit. Everyone has their own story, ideas or inspirations and I want to help you achieve your perfect day. My goal is for WedSpots.com to be the online platform for couples to find their dream unique wedding venue.

I gathered some venues from homes that offer lodging, to barns that offer small and large weddings. I also have a list of wedding vendors just because I know we all need them for our wedding. Although this is a new site, I really do hope you find your ideal venue and make your dream into a reality!


Andrea Masakayan Bestrom

Baby Z and I