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When you say unique venues, what type of venues are they?

Unique venues could be anything from a barn to a backyard or  a warehouse. We even have venues that offer accommodation for you and your family to spend the weekend in. Style it up with your wedding planner or yourself and you will be surprised to see what amazing things you can do.

How do I contact the venue owner or a vendor?

When you’re interested in a venue or a vendor, you can just simply contact them through the message board on their profile. We will ask for your name and email address with your following message. The venue owner or vendor will contact you directly with your email address.

How do I book a venue?

Payments and bookings will be handled between you and the venue owner. We are here to provide you with unique venues and connect you with the venue owner.

When do I put down a deposit?

You can ask your venue owner on how much deposit and when it should be made. A deposit is usually required to secure the venue for your desired wedding date.

Can I stay in the venue for a few nights?

Absolutely! Of course it depends on which venue you book. Some venues only offer the space for the wedding event itself.

Will there be any service fees?

No. We will not ask for any service fees from you. All we’ll ask from you is your name, email address and a short message once you send a message to the venue or vendor you’re interested in.

What about liability insurance and a liquor permit?

We recommend that you check with your insurance provider to see what’s required. You can also check on Wedding Insurance at WedSafe or Eventsured.

WedSpots is not liable for any damages or injuries to participating venues.

Provinces in Canada and states in America require a liquor license to be able to serve alcohol in your venue. We suggest to check on the Special Occasion License in your province or state. You can just simply apply online. For BC Special Occasion Licence you can click here. If you’re in the United States you can click here for Wedding Insurance.