Rehearsal dinners are the best venue to practice your look for your wedding. Regardless the theme and the venue of the rehearsal dinner, there is always something the perfect attire not just for the brides but for the grooms as well. Help your future spouse in finding the right get-up for your rehearsal dinner and look amazingly sharp and fantastic together. The groom should coordinate with the bride on what she will be wearing so that they can compliment each other with their outfits. Good matching outfits will also make for good photos so dress to impress as you will have a lifetime of memories of your special celebrations. Here are some of the best rehearsal dinner looks for the groom-to-be.

Laid Back Rehearsal Dinner

It is relatively easy for the groom to dress for the occasion and depending on the theme of the rehearsal dinner, there are a few options to choose from. A more laid-back rehearsal dinner means the groom can dress in jeans and long sleeve buttoned up shirt. Dark dress pants and a lightly colored long sleeves shirt is also a good option. Wear this without a tie for a more casual look without looking too shabby for the event.

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Formal Rehearsal Dinner

Formal rehearsal dinners mean a suit and tie is the safest option for an outfit. The groom can also choose not to wear a tie but keep the jacket instead. This look is wonderful as it will not seem too similar with the actual wedding outfit but will still keep the groom looking sharp. Opt for colors such as navy blue or dark grey for the suit in order to keep the formality theme.

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Summer Rehearsal Dinner

Summer rehearsal dinners with barbecue and cold beers do not always require a suit and a tie. A nice pair of pants with a crisp and clean shirt will do. This is the best look for the more laid-back groom with a fun personality. Do not be restricted by clothing but rather let it be an extension of one’s personality and aura. Anything that is too out of the ordinary can easily go the wrong way such as the groom feeling too uncomfortable and awkward with a certain type of outfit. So be sure that the groom is always feeling comfortable and himself in whatever he is wearing. This is a time to be enjoyed with your loved ones, do not let the outfit get in the way of that.


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Be Bold If You Like

Although the outfit should be something that the groom feels comfortable in, it is also not a bad idea to experiment and put on something that is unexpected. A shirt with loud patterns and a nice pair of pants can evoke laughter from your visitors but it can also be a statement from the groom. You never know, he might actually like it and it can also look good on him. It is also a great chance for fantastic photos. Be bold and be courageous. The groom should not be scared to wear statement pieces while keeping in theme. You only have a rehearsal dinner once.

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